Epic News: Scott Derickson to Direct Dr. Strange

       As Marvel Studios struggles to find a Director to replace Edgar Wright on Ant-Man they have found the Man who will handle The Sorcerer Supreme.  Scott Derrickson who Directed  Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, and the upcoming Deliver Us from Evil starring Eric Bana will direct the Dr. Strange film for Disney and Marvel Studios.  While no release dates have been announced both May 6th 2016 and May 5th 2017 are rumored.  Find our thoughts on Directing choice and share your's after the break....

       I love this directing choice as Marvel is going with someone who has a proven track record in the horror genre, but the question is will they let Derrickson direct a unique genre piece for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or will he be held to the same cookie-cutter restrictions that lead to Edgar Wright, Jon Favreau, and Drew Goddard leaving the studio?  If they allow Derrieckson to make some sort of mystical horror film then we could be in for something really different and refreshing in the MCU like Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it will be.  If not I can't imagine a whole lot of people getting super stoked for a Dr. Strange film, even if he was name dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  

What do you guys think about the casting? Have you seen any other Scott Derrickson film's? Are you excited to see a Dr. Strange movie?


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