Check it out, The Cosplay of Heroes Con 2013: A review

     As we here at The Epic Review gear up for Heroes Con 2014 this weekend, we're wondering--how many of you, our readers, will we see there?  If you're considering going, check out the convention website, and take a look at our photos from the 2013 convention.  (Note: The Reel Brad Bell isn't in any of our photos because he's totally lame and doesn't dress up for conventions... and because he was in line all day to meet freaking Stan Lee!).

The Epic Review crew and friends.  Steampunk Generbeener, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, a Dalek, and Tunnel Rat. 

Before we even stepped onto the convention floor, we were already impressed with the costumes...
Leeloo from the Fifth Element,
complete with Multipass!
A Ghostbuster!

The Venture Brothers!  "Go team Venture!"
Once inside the convention, there was a place to take photos as a carded action figure...

We saw a few steampunk costumes...

Since Barbecue 17 was dressed as a G.I. Joe character, he was thrilled for a photo op with some fellow Joes...
Scarlett and Snake Eyes
There were people dressed as He-Man characters...
Prince Adam with Orko
Shadow Weaver, and the 1966 Batgirl, which leads us to...


We saw lots of Batman costumes...

Catwoman and Joker

Harley Quinn
A rather crude Harley Quinn

"Arkham City" Harley Quinn

The Riddler and Two-Face

"Death of the Family" Joker

Penguin, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman

Poison Ivy

The Cassandra Cain Batgirl, and Robin well as lots of other super heroes and villains...
Aquaman and Golden Age Flash

Dr. Doom and Scarlett Witch

Iron Man


Dark Mary Marvel, "Dark Stalker's" Morrigan, The Question, and Zatanna
We also saw some great Star Wars costumes...

Darth Revan
Zombie Storm Trooper!
Clone Trooper and Zombie trooper

There were some sweet rides...
A DeLorean!
The Mystery Machine

The Ecto-1...

...and some Ghostbusters to go with it!

We saw oodles of Doctor Who costumes...
The Fourth Doctor and a rather sassy Tardis

The Tenth Doctor and an exploding Tardis

The Eleventh Doctor, Rose, and the Tenth Doctor

I love this twist with a female Tenth Doctor and male Tardis

Duel with the Tenth Doctor

The Tenth, Fourth, and Eleventh Doctors

The Eleventh, Fourth, and Tenth Doctors looking ready for action!


Arathaelia as a Dalek and Barbecue 17 as the Eleventh Doctor

Captain Jack Harkness!

...and several other costumes we loved...
Buttercup and Westley from "The Princess Bride"

Delirium from "Sandman"

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from "Venture Bros."

Flycatcher from "Fables"

MST3K's Joel and Tom Servo


Solid Snake, with Spiderman photobombing

We saw so many great costumes last year.  People had certainly put a lot of time and effort into them.  I love to see people who are so into something that they want to embody the characters.  I can't wait to see this year's costumes! If you appear in one of these photos, let us know! We'd love to hear from you and link to your cosplay site, blog, or whatever!

Oh, and a very special thank you to Traci Renee Photography!


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