Check it out: WebComic Watch: The End

My second installment of the Webcomic Watch is probably one of my favorite webcomics: The End written and created by Ran and Cory Brown. There is something about this comic that just hits all the right cords with me. Learn more about this epic webcomic after the break!

The story begins as two aliens crash a sci-fi convention, their mission: collect enough samples of the Human species to repopulate a new planet. Why? you may ask… well, we don't know it, but the human race is about to be extinct. Everything seems to be running pretty smoothly when a tragedy calls our alien friends away from Earth, taking with them a ragamuffin group of nerds. This may be a little more sic-fi than what these convention goers asked for! (Bah dum chi) This is about all I can say as far as plot because I don't want to spoil anything…

The Fiah's coloring juxtaposed against the earth coloring. Just splendid!  
The first thing I noticed about this comic was the breath taking art. One of the unique techniques Ran and Cory use is color motifs. Our alien friends (Ethma and Endi) are always drawn in grey hues and bright turquoise. Even when contrasted against our earthy planet and other alien species. This helps the reader quickly identify story and events pertaining to Ethma and Endi (although it can be difficult to tell the two characters apart sometimes especially when they are not in their human shells). Speaking of human shells, Endi is male in human form and Ethma is female, but don't be fooled the Fiah are a non-gender bird like species. This is hard to get used to at first but once you wrap your head around it it works great!
Left to right: Endi, Ethma in human shells
Along with the beautiful art is a beautiful story. Ran and Cory first created a rich and easily relatable convention scene with interactions we've all had (that is if you go to cons). We eavesdrop on conversations we've heard a million times and yet there is something new and fresh about these characters. I always love it when an author writes in something I know; it just makes their work that much more relatable and creates a since of camaraderie. Like, "Hey! I actually know what this guy is talking about!"

Once we are whisked off into space life happens, and even though this is a fictional comic with very unrealistic events there is a stream of reality that runs throughout the story: ethnic war, politics, family life, humanity, compassion, growing up. All these elements come together to create a fluid and enrapturing story that you just can't turn away from! I highly recommend this webcomic to any sci-fi readers and the general public. This comic's got something for everyone!

The End Confirmed EPIC!

If you would like to read The End you can find it here.

One of my FAVORITE panels!
Just beautiful!


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