Check it out: Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusive 2014 AVP Ancient Predator

    Hot Toys has released images from one of their three Toy Fair 2014 exclusives: The 1/6 scale Ancient Predator from AVP.    Find more images, a potential price, our thoughts, and where to pre-order after the break....

    I think my opinion on these 2014 Toy Fair exclusives may be a bit of a running theme. Yeah it's cool, but it's another Predator.  Shouldn't these exclusives be special pieces; items Hot Toys wouldn't usually make like the exclusive SWAT version of Jim Gordon from The Dark Knight that I picked up a few years back?  Expect this one to cost around $240 and if you can play the click game right you can most likely get any of these exclusives through BBTS of Sideshow Collectibles.

Leave a comment if you want to see Hot Toys do something other than Nolan Batman, Predators, and Iron Man! What properties would like to see the get to next.


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