Epic News: Tony Daniel re-launches Death Stroke for DC in October

     I guess the news that Tony Daniel will reboot Deathstroke for DC come October 22nd is both good news and bad news.  The good news is that Tony Daniel is doing the art for the book, the bad: He is also writing it. Considering that the CW's Arrow is a hitSlade Wilson has never been more popular, so the timing of this relaunch makes sense.  However the choice of Tony Daniel to write is what I am not on board with.  If a well written Deathstroke book by a writer as talented as Kyle Higgins didn't sell, what makes them think an artist writing the book is going to be any different? If you recall, Detective Comics didn't really take off in the New 52 until Tony Daniel left and Chew scribe John Layman took over.  While I am sure this book's covers and interiors will look outstanding, this isn't the 90's DC! You can't sell a comic on art alone!

What do you guys think about comic artists making the transition to comic writers? Does it work or is the undertaking of art and writing just too much? Let us know in the comments! 


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