Epic Photo: Hot Toys Teases 2014 Toy Fair Exclusives

     Well it's that time of year again where Hot Toys sales Toy Fair exclusives that are not really exclusives if you are willing to pay about $40 jack up in price at places like Side Show and BBTS.   Hot Toys released the above image to tease this years three 2014 Toy Fair exclusives, it looks like left to right you have Predator, Bank Robber Joker, and yet another Iron Man figure.  To be honest this is a bit underwhelming because earlier this year Hot Toys management hinted that one of this year's Toy Fair Exclusives would be a previously unreleased Villain from the Nolan Batman franchise that collectors hoped to be Liam Nesson's Ra's Al Ghul.  Rather than that, looks like we are getting our 100th Heath Ledger Joker, and even worst a re-do of a previous released version.  As for the Predator and Iron Man those are also a dime a dozen over at Hot Toys!  


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