Hokey Halloween Horror Contest 2014: Your Best. Halloween. Ever!!! Report Card

     Well, October is here and that mans that Halloween is coming. While I've already done lots of decorating and movie watching and candy eating, now it's time to go into overdrive. As part of this year's Hokey Halloween Horror, I want to help you have the Best. Halloween. Ever. I mean it. I really want you to go all out this Halloween. Thank of me as your Halloween Yoda this year. You've just crash landed on Dagobah and I'm training you to become a Halloween Jedi. How does that sound? Oh, and for one of you who has the best Halloween ever, I'm going to give you a prize package. How does that sound?

Yup. For doing the spooky stuff you ladies and dobermans would be doing already, I'm going to give you the chance to win some fun, free, spooky stuff. Does that sound awesome? Heck yes it does. Do you want to participate? I know you do! Did I steal the "ladies and dobermans" joke from Elvira. You better believe it! More details on how to enter after the break....

Here's the deal....

I've assembled a list of 31 Halloween themed activities that you have to complete during October 2014. These are designed to cover a full variety of Halloween activities, thus ensuring that you will have the best Halloween ever (Legal Note: I am not responsible if you do not have the Best. Halloween. Ever). Included are events covering such important Halloween events as horror movie watching, candy eating, and costume wearing. Here are the rules:

*For every 7 events you compete on this list, I will give you one entrance into my contest. I you complete all 31 events, you'll automatically earn 5 entries.
*All events must be completed between October 1st, 2014 and noon on November 1st, 2014, wherever you live. I'm not going to be overly picky here. Some are simple while some are more complex. You can complete them in any order you'd like. While I'd love pictures and such, the only thing I really need is for you to fill out the form below. If you read a book or watched a movie, write it down. If you ate candy, tell me what you ate. Etc. Just don't lie to me. I'll know if you're lying.
*I will let you double dip. If a singular event or activity fulfills two different tasks, I'll allow it.
*I must receive your list (just copy and paste it in a word document and attach pictures to an email) by Wednesday, November 5th. Send it to me here: thepicreview@gmail.com.
*I will draw the winner's name out of a plastic pumpkin (color to be determined) on Friday, November 7th 2014, AKA Re-Halloween!
*Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, only US residents are eligible to enter. Sorry folks!
*In the event that something happens like one of my dogs eats one of the prizes, I can replace it with something else of equal or greater value.
*I might post your answers and pictures if they're cool or funny.

 I've got a few prizes in the prize bucket so far, but I'll keep adding more as the interest level rises. See pictures of the current prizes below (the pumpkins and sets are not included)!

Madballs stickers!
All right! On to the tasks!

1. Watch a black and white horror movie.
Simple. Watch a black and white horror movie.

2. Read a scary novel, comic, or story.
No minimum length.

3.Visit a haunted house, haunted trail, haunted corn maze, etc.
You do have to go through it, though. If you chicken out, you can't count this one. Wuss.

4. Eat five different types of Halloween candy.
If you eat all five at one time, you have my congratulations.

5. Wear a costume at least once during the season.
Pictures are awesome here. 

6. Go to a autumnal event such as a corn maze, pumpkin patch, or apple orchard.
Hypothetical extra points if you drink some cider.

7. Consume something made with pumpkin or that tastes like pumpkin.
If you get desperate, you can take a bite out of a raw pumpkin.
6 SLUG Zombies- 2 are even still wrapped!

8. Tell a scary story to someone else.
But I don't count for this unless you see me in person.

9. Buy a new scary action figure or toy of some kind.
Seriously, if you're super cheap I'll count anything. Even a plastic spider ring that costs 5 cents.

10. Listen to three different horror themed songs.
I recommend that Werewolves of London be one of those songs.

11. Visit a costume shop or party supply store.
You don't have to buy anything.

12. Watch a Halloween special, Halloween episode of a TV series, or a horror television show.
Once again, I'm pretty loose on this one.

13. Watch at least one Halloween focused film (not just a general horror film).
 Options include (but are not limited to) any film in the Halloween series, Trick 'r Treat, Ernest Scared Stupid, Hocus Pocus, or The Crow.

A Zombie Cup! 

14. Carve a pumpkin, turnip, or gourd of some kind.
Be careful and take a picture if you can!

15. Go on an evening walk somewhere just a bit spooky.
If you live in various parts of Michigan, I'll count checking your mail.

16. Visit a blog (other than ThEpic Review) that is doing awesome Halloween coverage.
Lots of good folks host some awesome stuff this time of the year. Check out the links to the right of other Confirmed Epic Sites or our Halloween Cryptkeeper 2014 button.

17. Make at least five comments on our spooky articles here at ThEpic Review.
I like when you talk to me.

18. Find a way to get someone to give you candy.
Please don't let it involve a weapon, however.

19. Watch a horror movie you've never seen before!
Extra points if you go to a theater!

20. Play a scary video game, board game, or even old fashioned "outdoor" game like Ghost in the Graveyard.
No minimum amount of time. Just have fun with this one.

21. Compose a Halloween Haiku.
Please include the haiku so I can read it, too!

22. Visit a graveyard
Please don't desecrate it or practice necromancy, though.

23. Draw a Halloween picture. It doesn't have to be elaborate (or even good).
You can take a picture or simply scan it. I want to see it, though!

24. Watch a "real" ghost video on Youtube or a similar website.
These are sometimes silly, but fun.

25. Successfully scare another person.
Please don't harm them or traumatize them. Just scare them.

26. Tell someone an urban legend and pretend that it is absolutely true!
Extra points if you use this to somehow convince people to give you candy.

27. Pet a black cat.
Please be gentle, though. Maybe give it a cat treat, too.

28. Unleash a creepy laugh in a random public place.
Preferably not an elementary school or a YMCA bathroom.

29. Read a book, a Wikipedia entry, or watch a TV special on some aspect of the history of Halloween.
Extra points if you learn to correctly pronounce Samhain.

30. Change your social media profile picture or computer desktop wallpaper to a picture of a favorite horror icon. 
This could be Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Sam from Trick 'r Treat, Elvira, Count Chocula, Bruce Campbell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephen King, Freddy Kruger, or someone else of your choice.

31. Do something for a child to spread Halloween joy!
Whether it's your own kid, a relative, or just someone you know. Take them trick 'r treating, read them a story, or help them create a Halloween costume. If you don't know any kids donate some candy/ decorations/ costumes to a nearby organization that serves kids or donate to a children's charity like UNICEF.

Simple, right? You'd probably do this stuff anyways!

Well, get ready to earn something for it you lean, mean, pumpkin carving machines! Join up and get ready for the Best. Halloween. Ever!


  1. Great idea and fun suggestions!

    I've already done a few of these, so I am looking forward to doing more and entering the contest when the month is over.

    1. I'll probably report on my progress every once a week. If could count September (I'm not) I would be about done. I did lots of crazy stuff in September. Of course, October is turning out awesome so far, so hopefully it will only get better!


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