Best. Halloween. Ever!!! Contest Winner, Because Today is Re-Halloween!


     Happy Re-Halloween, everyone! Today is Re-Halloween although some of us at ThEpic Review will be doing more celebrating tomorrow by playing the Halloween expansion of King of Tokyo and watching Halloween 2. Anyways, today is the day to announce our contest winners, but I wanted to make sure that everyone had an exceptionally spooky Halloween. While I fell quite behind on my posting here, I certainly did indeed have the best Halloween ever. Seriously, I went to a costume party with my daughter and friends at our church, actually went door to door Trick 'r Treating, saw A Nightmare on Elm Street in an old theater, watched Trick 'r Treat just before midnight on the 30th, leading into Halloween, and watched Halloween on Halloween night, leading into November 1st.  I was also part of an awesome group costume as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. I completed everything on my Halloween check list and while no one else did (that emailed me anyway), some of you seemed to have had some very awesome Halloween celebrations indeed. Who was the winner? Read on after the break...

      The winner is.... Eric Stettmeier of Toyriffic, Congrats, Eric! Your prize package will be in the mail something next week.  While Eric didn't do everything on the list, he did enough to be chosen! He also drew this cool picture of a werewolf of his daughter, who apparently informed him that she's afraid of werewolves. So he turned the werewolf into a princess. I'm not sure this makes the drawng less frightening, but I'm guessing his daughter liked it. Also, that's Eric on the right dressed as Darth Skater. Darth Skater. Get it?

I'll leave you with two Halloween Haikus that I composed based on what I can remember of Haiku writing from 9th grade English: 

I carve a pumpkin
Slash and tear into the gourd
Eerie candle light

Frankenstein has crabs
Igor Visited a tomb
On the Towns bad side

Happy Re-Halloween everyone!


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