Saturday, May 31, 2014

Check it out: Ken Taylor No Country for Old Men Mondo Poster

36x24, Edition Size: 300

    Mondo saved the best of their Ken Taylor Gallery show in Austin Texas  for last.  Above you can see Mondo's poster for the academy award winning 2007 Coen Brothers film: No Country for Old Men.  Mondo's stuff is always well done, but this is truly one of the best pieces ever to come from the pretentious gallery.  Taylor's scene steeling talent is on full display in this work of art, and it truly captures the uneasiness and societal degradation of the Coen's classic.  This one became an instant grail piece already selling for well over $300 on Ebay.  Hopefully Mondo will give the public a chance at this grail later this year through their online store: Mondo Tees.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Epic News: Josh Brolin to Play Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

     We finally know who will be playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: former Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin.  As of now Brolin is just mentioned to voice the Mad Titan, however odds are that Brolin will be doing some type of Mo-Cap work on the character similar to Mark Ruffalo's Hulk.  Having an actor with the gravitas of Josh Brolin play perhaps the deadliest villain in the Marvel Universe will hopefully raise the stakes to those not yet seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Expect Thanos to appear in Avengers 3, and possibly Guardian's of the Galaxy out August 1st.  

Thanks to Latino Review for the Scoop!

Food Review: Extreme Creme Blue Raspberry Twinkies-The Ultimate X-Men: Days of Future Past Tie-in!

     I've never really been that big of a fan of Twinkies. To me, the best thing about Twinkies is their appearance as a plot device in Zombieland and as a point of size reference in Ghostbusters. I don't dislike them, but I'm not incredibly fond of them either. I am, however, very partial to movie tie-ins  and blue food, so these X-Men: Days of Future Past branded Twinkies from Hostess basically had my number. These are movie tie-in blue raspberry flavored snake cakes with a picture of Jennifer Lawrence on the box (granted she's in her full Mystique makeup, but it's her). This honestly seems like the best marketing idea ever. Beast is on the box too, which is cool, but what the heck is with non-metal Colossus? Does anyone recognize this guy without metal skin? I didn't. Anyways, check out a full review of these Twinkies after the break...

Is this 7-Up Machine Just Trolling People?

I was at a conference this weekend and I noticed this 7-Up vending machine tucked away in a corner at the hotel at which I stayed. I actually don't drink much soda pop (although I do drink a lot of carbonated water) but I did think it was cool that they had a 7-Up Machine. So I went to check it out and guess what I discovered? Check it out after the break.....

Epic Photo: Wonder Years Reunion

                   For the first time in over 20 years the cast of The Wonder Years got together on the show's original ABC set to record a reunion documentary for the upcoming complete series DVD release expected this holiday season.  The Wonder Years aired 115 Episodes over six seasons on ABC from 1988 to 1993.  The show follows Kevin Arnold  (Fred Savage) as he comes of age in the late 1960's and 1970's.  The Wonder Years has been one of the most requested shows ever on DVD, but due to the amazing songs from the 60's and 70's the show featured, a release was impossible until now.  I have gone on record several times saying that if I had to pick one show as my all-time favorite Drama or Comedy, Modern or Classic, The Wonder Years would be it as it appeals to my love for heartfelt shows and history.  For me this set was a no brainier; now you can imagine how excited fans of this show are due to the DVD exclusive cast reunion.  Is anyone else as excited to revisit the adventures of Kevin Arnold (Savage) as I am?  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Action Figure Review: Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones by Dark Horse Deluxe

     You could definitely say I'm a bit behind, as I've only recently got into A Song of Ice and Fire. I just finished the book A Game of Thrones last week and watched the first two episodes of HBO's TV series Game of Thrones this morning. I'm enjoying the TV series so far, but the book won me over quite quickly and I so actually ordered this action figure before even seeing the show due to how much I loved the character of Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is incredibly compelling: In a world that seems to only value sheer strength and brute force, Tyrion manages to thrive by honing his cunning, intellect, and his silver tongue. Dark Horse Deluxe has released Tyrion as part of their second series of figures in their Game of Thrones line and he seems to be an incredibly popular release. Ready for a look at "The Imp" of the Lannister household? Then join me after the break...    

Epic Photo: Gareth Edwards has his first Star Wars Meeting

           Director Gareth Edwards and Writer Gary Whitta recently took to twitter to reveal a sneak peek of their very first meeting to begin work on the first Star Wars Spin-off film due out December 16th, 2016.  We still don't know what the film will be, but maybe the giant Vader in background could be a hint that the film takes place sometime between Episodes 3 and 6.  Or it could just mean the duo thought having the Sith Lord in the background would make an Epic Photo.  Either way you have to love the willingness of these Star Wars film makers to be so interactive with the fan community this early in the film making process.

Epic News: Danny Mcbride Returning to HBO for Vice Principals

     Danny Mcbride and Director Jody Hill the raunchy comedic masterminds behind HBO's Eastbound and Down are returning to the premium channel for a new comedy series entitled Vice-Principals.  The comedy will follow the day to day life of a group of Assistant Principals lead by Mcbride as the navigate the challenge of a leading a High School.  Anyone familiar with Mcbride's work knows this type of premise is ripe for Danny Mcbride.  Anything that ask the comedy legend to bring his insane brand of humor to real life situations is where he Mcbride thrives, which is just what Vice Principals should be!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Check it Out: Mondo Matrix Poster by Kevin Tong

Variant, 24x36, Edition Size of 150

Reg., 24x36, Edition Size of 275

          Today has truly been an Epic Day for Mondo Posters! Earlier today we had a slew of new Ken Taylor goodies and now Mondo has revealed their very first Matrix poster by Artist Kevin Tong.  While I like Tong's art and respect the fact that he was going for the complexity of the actual Matrix with this print, I really wish we could have seen Tyler Stout tackle a film as definitive as the first Matrix.  The print will go on sale at the Mondo Website at a random time Thursday May 29th!

Epic News: Sixth Season of Community Possibly coming to Hulu

         Deadline is reporting that a sixth season of the NBC Cult Classic Community may be coming exclusively to Hulu.  All we really know at this time is that preliminary talks are happening between Community Creator and Showrunner: Dan Harmon and Execs at Hulu.  Most of the time I would have been extremely sad to see a show I love as much as Community get the axe a few weeks back, but in a world where Jack Bauer and the Bluth's can return to the airwaves I never quite gave up hope for a sixth season of Community.  Let's just hope a movie deal is included with that Hulu contract, if it is then we know we are in the brightest timeline.

Check it out: Mondo Reveals Epic New Ken Taylor Posters

The Julie Newmar 1966 Catwoman print measures 24x36.  
The orange is the Reg. with an edition size of 275.  The orange variant will have and edition size of 125.  

Fight Club, Regular, 24x36, Edition of 400

Fight Club, 24x36, Variant, Edition of 175

With the Predator poster the Red and White are Variants with the purple versions being the Regular.  
Edition Size and Measurements for these are unknown.

Frankenstein, it is unknown at this time which is the Reg. and which is the variant.  Both will measure24x36 with the variant having an edition size of 175 and the reg. having one of 375.

    These posters represent legendary Mondo Artist Ken Taylor at the top of his game.  Ken has always thrived at capturing the most beautiful environments of each film he does a poster for.  The Fight Club piece in particular looks like it will become a grail among Mondo collectors, such a subtle way to capture such an Epic film.  While Taylor doesn't always do character work he really captured the classiness of the 1966 Julie Newmar Catwoman with that piece.  As of now all of these Epic Mondo Poster's are only available at the Ken Taylor Art Show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin Texas.  However look for these to be on sale soon at the Mondo Store.

Check it out: Mattel Reveals a Skeletor Baby Doll?

     What's the next must have item from Mattel's Masters of the Universe toyline? Well, apparently, it's ...ummm... Baby Skeletor. Yup. This is a 12 inch baby doll of Skeletor. You know, the toy concept that absolutely nobody ever asked for. Anyways, here's Mattel's press release for this item:

     The Evil Lord of Destruction™ goes back in time… and turns into an itty bitty blue baby! This tale of a tyrannical tot, an unexpected detour, and buffalo wings comes from the twisted minds at one of our favorite stop-motion TV shows, and was the inspiration for this little guy. A must-have for true MOTUC fans, Baby Skeletor™ measures 12” tall (a total of 15” when sitting on his evil royal potty, including the potty) with articulation at the legs, shoulders and neck, and a face only a mother could… nope, sorry… even she thinks he’s hideous. The childish commander and his commode arrive in a unique closed-box throne package, and comes with a removable “Born to Rule” baby t-shirt and his Havoc Staff rattle. Baby Skeletor® may seem harmless, but remember… 80% of his body weight is in his horrible head!                                                                                                    You must be 18 or older to purchase this product. 
More questions answered (and asked) after the break....

Check it out: Hot Toys Teases Maleficent

       Disney's Maleficent doesn't hit theaters until this Friday May 30th, but Hot Toy's is already teasing her 1/6 scale figure.  While we knew Hot Toys has had this license for a while this one isn't getting high end collectors too excited.  The Lone Ranger Tonto Hot Toys figure was nice, but didn't sell that well and unless Maleficent is a truly Epic Film don't look for this one to fly off the Side Show shelves here in the States.  This  announcement is likely to upset Hot Toys Collectors more than anything as the company chooses to release Disney figures over the promised and more anticipated license's such as: X-men First Class, Batman Returns, Batman Arkham City, and Back to the Future.  Stay tuned for The Epic Review for the full reveal and pre-order information when it's available.

Epic News: John Wesely Shipp to play the Flash's Dad

     The original TV Flash John Wesley Shipp will play the Dad of TV's new Flash played by Grant Gustin in the upcoming Flash series on the CW this Fall.  Shipp will play Barry Allen's Father Henry Allen.  This is a great nod by Showrunners to fans of the original 1990 live action Flash show that aired on CBS.  So fellow Epic Reviewers is anyone excited to see John Wesley Shipp return to TV? Did any of you watch the original Flash show?

Epic News: Charlie Cox is Daredevil

     Actor Charlie Cox is the new Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil.  The Board Walk Empire Star will play the man without fear in the 2015 Netflix mini-series that will be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  While I have never seen HBO's Board Walk Empire which is a show about the prohibition era of America, most people familiar with the work of Charlie Cox seem to be happy with the choice.   Cox may not be Ben Affleck, but maybe some of you fellow Epic Reviewers more familiar with the work of Charlie Cox can let us know what you think about the casting choice?

Props to Latino Review for the Scoop!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Check it out: X-men Days of Future Past Blu-Ray Collectors Set

       Fox has released the first image for their Epic X-men Days of Future Past Blu-Ray Collectors Set.  The Set will include the Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, and Digital Edition of the film.  However that is not the reason to pick it up, as seen above the set will include a replica of Michael Fassbender's 1973 Magneto helmet as seen in the film.  Odds are the helmet is plastic and not quite 1:1 scale, but still!  This is probably the best blu-ray collectors set since the broken Batman cowl from the Dark Knight Rises blu-ray release.  Odds are just like the broken cowl version of that movie, the Magneto helmet edition of Days of Future Past will be a  limited edition and pretty hard to find in stores.  While we have no release date for this epic set yet you can pre-order it at Amazon now for $75 that's $55 off the MSRP of $130 you will pay if you are lucky enough to find one of these in stores.

The Stench of modern comedic raunchiness: Neighbors Review

    Maybe the most well received film by both audiences and critics this summer has been director Nicholas Stroller’s Neighbors.  Frat vs. Family, Neighbors puts new parents Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne up against frat guys Zac Efron and Dave Franco in what looks like, based off of the trailers, an all out prank war for the ages.  So does Neighbors live up to the great word of mouth it has received? Find out after the break….

Monday, May 26, 2014

Confirmed Epic Podcast Episode 30: X-men Days of Future Past

     In the 30th Edition of The Confirmed Epic Podcast we review The Reel Brad Bell’s most anticipated film of Summer 2014: X-men Days of Future Past Directed by: Bryan Singer.  In this week’s edition of Epic News we discuss: Marvel Studio’s crisis of creativity with Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man and Drew Goddard stepping down as Daredevil Showrunner, Gareth Edwards directing the first Star Wars spinoff film, and the new Batman Superman film title.  We also get into what we have been checking out: 24 Live Another Day, Disney XD’s Ultimate Spiderman cartoon, Rick Remender and Oliver Coipel’s Uncanny Avengers, and the board game Zombicide.  With our review of Days of Future past you will also find a pretty in depth discussion about the logistics of movie time travel and future continuity of the X-men film franchise moving forward.  

Evan Truelove's X-men film timeline as mentioned in the podcast!

(Remember to email any questions or comments about the podcast to and we will read your questions or comments on the next episode, also feel free to leave a comment about this episode below!) 

(You can also find the Confirmed Epic Podcast on iTunes, just search for "thepicreview", and if you have time we would appreciate it if you could leave us a review on i Tunes!)

(Editors Note: If you have any problems with the link either install adobe flash player or if you are listening from a phone simply follow the direct link to our audio here: Thank You!) 

This podcast will only be available for a limited time (at least a week) due to storage constraints, so listen or download now.  In order to keep us from having to delete older episodes to post new ones please donate what you can via paypal!

Epic News: Ultimate Miles Morales coming to Marvel 616 Universe in All-New X-men

       One of the most beloved characters of the Marvel Universe Miles Morales who has been Ultimate Spiderman since the untimely death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe is about to come become an X-men.  Now maybe this wouldn't be Epic News except he is about to become an X-men in the main Marvel Continuity of Marvel Comics known to comic book geeks as the 616 Universe.  It's a big deal to see an Ultimate Character in the 616 much less making them a part of a team as Iconic as the X-men.  Brian Michael Bendis who created Miles is also writing All-New X-men along with brilliant Artist Sara Pichelli.  Miles joins the 616 and the X-men in All- New X-men #32!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Check it out: Sideshow Collectibles Sentinel Maquette

      Hot off the heels of the X-men's showdown with the Sentinel's on the big screen SideShow Collectibles has teased their comic book version Sentinel Maquette.  Look for this one to be around 2 foot tall and cost so much that I probably won't be able to afford one in the future or the past!  Stay tuned to The Epic Review for the full reveal and a pre-order date most likely around San-Diego Comi-Con this July.

Epic News: Drew Goddard leaves Netflix's Daredevil Show

      Memorial Day weekend has been a very bad weekend for Directors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe first the Ant-Man film loses Edgar Wright as Director and now the upcoming Daredevil show on Netflix has lost Drew Goddard as Showrunner.  Goddard who is a long time friend of Joss Whedon rejuvenated his career after the 2012 horror hit Cabin in the Woods, he was signed not only to run the Daredevil show for Marvel Studios, but Direct the Sinister Six film for Sony as well.  The word here is that Goddard just simply didn't have the time to focus on both Daredevil and the Sinister Six so he left the man with out fear to focus on bringing Spidey's most deadliest foes to the big screen.  You have to hope that Sinister Six is the reason Goddard left Daredevil and not creative differences with Marvel Studios like the one's that caused Edgar Wright to leave Ant-Man.  Much like with Ant-Man Marvel Studios has a replacement already working on the Daredevil show, but they won't say who yet.  As X-men Days of Future Past racks up huge numbers at the box-office for Fox, Memorial Day Weekend 2014 could be remembered as the first time Marvel Studios faced any real challenges now let's see how they respond.

UPDATE:   Marvel Studios has announced former Buffy and Smallville Director and Producer Steven S. Deknight as Goddard's replacement!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Check it out: Hot Toy's Electro Teaser

      Hot Toys has teased their Amazing Spiderman 2 Electro figure based on Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Max Dillion in the 2014 film. This is only the second Spidey villain Hot Toys has ever done following the James Franco Spiderman 3 snowboard Goblin.  Stay tuned to the Epic Review for the electrifying full reveal probably sometime next week. 

Epic News: Edgar Wright leaves Ant-Man

     In some stunningly bad epic news Director Edgar Wright has dropped out of Marvel Studios Ant-Man film.  The man who brought us Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End will no longer direct Ant-Man's big screen debut.  This comes as a big shocker considering that this has been a passion project that Wright has been working on since 2006.  Marvel Studio's says they already have a replacement Director working on the film, but the studio won't say who yet.  This very bad news for the evolution of the Superhero film genre considering that Wright's version of Ant-Man sounded like it would be a very unique entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe they way it looks like James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy will be later this Summer.  At multiple points Wright said that Ant-Man would be a heist film the way that Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be a space adventure film, now unfortunately the only thing we have had heisted is the chance to see an Epic Edgar Wright Ant-Man film!

Epic News: Gareth Edwards to Direct First Star Wars Spin-off Film and complete his Godzilla Trilogy

     Well I guess now Director Gareth Edwards can dive into his new Monster Sized money pit because not only has been officially announced by Legendary Pictures to Direct Godzilla 2 and 3 but the first Star Wars spin off film as well.  Godzilla 2 and 3 are a while down the road, but the first Star Wars spin off film will be out a year after Episode 7 December 16th 2016.  We have no idea which spin-off this will be yet, but what ever it is expect to see the main character for about ten minutes.  Joking, honestly I believe Edwards is a great Director to bring into the Star Wars universe as he borrowed several shooting tendencies from both Lucas and Spielberg for his first two films.  I just hope Edwards isn't afraid to do his own thing a little more here, and this doesn't end up being a Lucas homage in the way Godzilla was a bit of a Spielberg one.  As good of news as this is for Star Wars fans all of us waiting for a Godzilla sequel will have to wait to at least 2017 or after to see the King of Monsters return.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Check it out: Side Show Lobo and Gray Hulk Premium Format Figures

   In their usual Thursday night new letter SideShow Collectibles gave both DC and Marvel Fans new upcoming Premium Format Figures to salivate over.  The first you can see in the video above is one high end DC collectors have been wanting for a while: Lobo.  I am not even a Lobo fan, but based on the fact that this looks like one of the most detailed premium formats SideShow has ever done even makes me want one.  As for the Marvel side of things looks like we will get another Smashing entry to their new line of Hulk premium formats as the original Gray Hulk seen below follows Green and Red Hulk in that line.  Neither one of these are up for pre-order yet, but the Gray Hulk will be available for order May 29th and look for a Lobo order to pop up soon after.  If you want either start saving now because The Gray Hulk will most likely retail at $550 with Lobo probably being in the $400 range.

Check it out: Mondo Iron Giant mystery product

    Earlier today Mondo revealed new Iron Giant art on their Facebook page.  As of now we do not know how the image will be sold or who the Artist is.  While most people are hoping for a new Iron Giant poster as past ones Mondo have done have been some of the most popular products in the history of the company, it looks like this will be the cover to an Iron Giant vinyl album that Mondo will soon sale.  Either way it looks like another beautiful image from an epic film via Mondo.  Stay tuned to the epic review to see what this epic art ends up being.

Check it out: Hannibal TV Show Mondo Posters

Variant, Edition Size of 125, measures 24x36, $65

Reg., Edition Size of 250, Measures 24x36, $45

    Mondo has revealed two new posters for the Hannibal TV show on NBC both done by Phantom City Creative.  While I haven't got a shot to checkout the show the posters seem to capture the visceral eeriness usually associated with the Hannibal franchise.  I also found it odd that the variant version features the more traditional side of Hannibal Lector, but both look like great prints.  These poster will go on sale at the Mondo Store at a random time Friday May 23rd!   

Must Watch: Disney (Marvel's) Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer

              Disney has released the teaser trailer which you can watch above for their first animated Marvel film adaptation: Big Hero 6.  The film is in no way associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is only very loosely based on the original 90's Marvel comic of the same name.  While the tone of the film looks really fun you can't really tell much other than this film looks like it could be a more kid friendly animated version of Pacific Rim.  Hopefully the actual film will have a little more action and heart to go along with the humor we see here.  Also interesting for this teaser it that it says the film will be out February 2015 and not November 7th of this year like originally planned.  Other than this trailer I can't seem to find anything else from Disney to suggest a release change but we will keep you posted.  So what do you think Epic Reviewers are you excited for Big Hero 6?

Must Watch: Batman Arkham Knight game play trailer

   Holy Next-Gen Batman!  As mentioned before we usually don't cover a lot of video games here at The Epic Review, but for Batman we always make an exception.  This trailer finally shows the next-gen power under the hood of the PS4 and Xbox1 that Rocksteady was working with when developing this Batman game.  The trailer confirms what we all thought that a revamped version of the Scarecrow will be the cause for all of the new chaos in video games Batman's life.  We also get to see the new batmobile and the brand new villain Arkham Knight in game play action and it all looks pretty epic.  Batman Arkham Knight hit's store shelves October 14th!

Epic Photo: Big Hero 6 Teaser Poster

                Checkout the first poster for Disney's first animated Marvel film: Big Hero 6 out November 7th.  While the film is based on a Marvel comic of the same name that involves kids creating fighting robots it is not set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It has also been the speculation of many Star Wars fan for being the perfect time for Disney to debut the Teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, for that we will have to wait and see.  However rumor from Disney is we should get the first Big Hero 6 trailer sometime later today which we will have here at The Epic Review.

Action Figure Review: Scorpia from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     Ready for another Masters of the Universe character from Filmation's She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series that neither made it into the vintage MOTU nor Princess of Power toylines? Then look no further because Scorpia is here! Half woman, half scorpion, Scorpia was know for her menacing demeanor, her multiple appearances in the cartoon and the film Secret of the Sword, and her unusual voice. As a member of the Horde, you know this girl is always up to no good! As the monthly figure for the 2014 Club Eternia subscription, Scorpia increases the numbers of both your Horde faction and your collection of scorpion women collectibles (surely their was a Scorpina toy made at some point, right?). Ready for a look at Scorpia? Then join me after the break!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Epic News: First official Star Wars Episode 7 Set Photo and Video Released

      Disney has released the first official set video and photo from Star Wars Episode 7 both featuring Director J.J. Abrams on location in Abu Dhabi.  The photo you can see above, and to see it come to life checkout the video below.  While the gist of the video is make Star Wars fans aware of a chance to win a trip to the primary Episode 7 set in Pinewood Studios in London if they donate to the Omaze charity to help out the less fortunate how excited Abrams is to be making this film still shines through.  Even if the film isn't the primary focus of this video it's pretty epic to see the first Star Wars set since Revenge of the Sith, especially since it's on location.  Even more Epic is the fact that JJ is talking the time to use Star Wars for a great cause!

Check it out: Elektra Mondo Poster

       Mondo has revealed the next installment in their Marvel character series: Elektra by artist Craig Drake.  Elektra is the third entry into the Mondo Marvel Character poster series after Venom and the Silver Surfer.  The poster measure 24x36 with an edition size of 275, and goes on sale at random time Thursday May 22nd for $50 at the Mondo Website.  Drake's work is definitely the slickest in Mondo's Marvel series to date, and the black and pink differentiation do well illustrate the anti-hero dynamic of the character.  With this one Mondo has given us an electrifying screen print which will be a must for Elektra fans, and should make both Marvel and Mondo collectors consider picking it up.   

Epic News: WB Reveal's official Batman Superman Title and Logo

     WB has finally revealed the official title to the May 6th 2016 Batman Superman film, not only that they have revealed the logo which you can see about as well.  The official title of the film will be Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.   While I love the fact that the logo incorporates the Superman Logo from Man of Steel with a very Frank Miller looking Batman logo I am not crazy about the title.  Dawn of Justice just seems like a bit much for a title, but it does imply the epic beginnings of a Justice League.  Also why put V instead of Vs. it makes the film seem like a supreme court case and not a summer superhero blockbuster.  That's my thoughts leave us a comment and lets us know what you think of the new title and logo fellow Epic Reviewers!

Action Figure Review: Battle Lion from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     Why walk when you can ride? That's a great question and, fortunately for your King Grayskull figure, riding is now an option thanks to the introduction of Battle Lion into the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline! Appearing only in the season two episode of the Mike Young Productions He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "The Power of Grayskull", Battle Lion had a fairly small part in the series but seems to have left an impression on the fandom. For a few years many MOTU fans wanted to see King Grayskull and Battle Lion make it into the 200x toyline.  It may not be in time for the 200x line, but it's great to finally have both characters released in MOTUC.  For me personally, characters and figures from the ancient Preternian era/ Powers of Grayskull sub-line have been some of my favorites and I'm always glad to add a new figure to the mix. Read for a look at Battle Lion? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Must Watch: (Kings Man) Secret Service Trailer

      Earlier today fox revealed the teaser poster for the film adaptation to Mark Millar's Secret Service comic recently renamed KingsMan The Secret Service now we have the film's first trailer.  Secret Service is one of the few Mark Millar comics I haven't read, so I can't really comment on how close this trailer looks compared to the source material.  Based on what we see here it seems like a lighter version of the Wanted film adaptation we got a few years back which was also based on a Mark Millar comic.  This film opens October 24th!

Props to Yahoo Movies for the trailer!

Epic Photo: Secret Service Teaser Poster

     Fox has released the first poster for the film adaptation to Mark Millar's comic Secret Service renamed Kingsman The Secret Service.  The film is Directed my Matthew Vaughn and stars: Colin Firth, Sam Jackson, Michael Caine, and Mark Hamill.  Kingsman The Secret Service opens October 24th, and we should have the first teaser trailer for the film up later today. 

Epic News: Definitive Halloween Blu-ray Box Set out September 23rd

     Anchor Bay and Shout Factory are finally ready to release the Halloween box-set gore hounds every where have been waiting for.  On September 23rd two different blu-ray box sets will be released one retailing at $130 and the other at $170 that includes the producers cut of the Curse of Michael Myers.  Checkout the press release after the break to get all the fine details on the two releases after the break....

Monday, May 19, 2014

Check it out: Rocket Raccoon Premium Format figure coming from Side Show

        Between the images of Ronan the Accuser  and the new trailer this has been a pretty epic day for the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise.  SideShow collectibles has decided to cap it off with a preview of their upcoming Rocket Raccoon Premium Format figure.  Those of you unfamiliar with Sideshow's premium format they are a mix of statue and cloth, and in Rocket's case it looks like fur almost creating a taxidermy effect.  Moving forward with this property it will be interesting to see how other high end collectible distributors such as Hot Toys handle Rocket products  moving forward.   What to you high end collectors think, will you be adding a Rocket Raccoon to your collection in the near future?

Must Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2

Epic Photo: Ronan the Accuser from Guardian's of the Galaxy

   The first photo of Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser in Marvel Studio's Guardian's of the Galaxy out August 1st has leaked.  Checkout the photo after the break….

Epic Photo: J.J. Abrams Letter to Star Wars Episode 7 Cast and Crew

  A handwritten letter from Director J.J. Abrams to the Star Wars Episode 7 cast and crew has leaked online.  If nothing else you can tell love and compassion Abrams has for this property and it's characters as he shoots this film.  With this much heart behind it we expect Epic things from Episode 7!