Check it Out: Archie Vs Predator Comic announced for April

      Dark Horse has just announced what is sure to be one of the most insane but epic comic book story lines of 2015: Archie Vs. Predator.  The 4 issue story line written by Alexi De Campi with Art by Fernando Ruiz is set to start April 15th.  Apparently Archie, Jughead, and the gang will run into more trouble than they can handle on Spring Break 2015.  While I have never read Archie, I hear very good things with what Dark Horse is doing with this property just last year they released the critically acclaimed Afterlife with Archie which focused on a Zombie outbreak in Riverdale.  While I hope to catch up with the trade for Afterlife with Archie soon I am extremely excited to jump start my Spring Fever and foray into the Archie-verse with this book.

Will anyone else be picking up the new AVP? 
Let us know in the comments!


  1. I loved afterlife with Archie so I bet I'll be picking these up.

  2. Yeah Afterlife was on almost every top 10 list of last year. So I hope to make it the next trade I read! Did you read Archie before afterlife? Or did the premise just pull you into the series?

  3. Archie is one of those comics I've never read but seeing all the crazy stuff they're doing (the whole afterlife storyline, death of Archie, etc.) does make me wonder what I'm missing. Archie must be nothing like I thought it was.


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