Check it out: Mondo the Raid Vinyl

        As Mondo continues their push for vinyl they have announced that they are releasing one of the most bombastic film soundtracks in recent memory in The Raid.  The Vinyl Jacket features artwork from Chris Weston.  The album is up for order now at the Mondo Store for $35.  I love the move Mondo is making to release as many LP's as they do posters.  This gives the collector a cheaper way to own Mondo Artwork without breaking the bank with the added bonus of music, also records are much easier and cheaper to frame than large posters.  If you haven't joined the hipster trend of picking up a record player give it a shot in 2015.  I bought my wife one for her birthday last year and we haven't regretted it one bit, it truly is the most decompressed way to enjoy audio, and what better way to start your vinyl collection than with Mike Shinoda and Indonesian Rock. Once you go vinyl you will never go back!

What about you readers do any of you own and actually listen to a record player on a regular basis? If so do you own any movie soundtracks? Share your thoughts on the resurgence of vinyl in the comment!


  1. I have a record player. An old, old console unit. I love listening to older stuff on it but I just can't see myself really picking up any new records given the cost.


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