Marveling at Spiderman

    Spiderman is arguably the most recognizable Superhero in American history behind only Batman and Superman making him the biggest star of the Marvel Catalog.  However in a World in which the Avengers and the  Guardians of the Galaxy dominate the cultural landscape the Web-Head's name is often forgotten after a couple of mediocre Marc Webb films.  Just last night I asked 5 random people if they knew who Peter Parker was and only one could answer, sadly Spidey is stating to dwindle from the pop-culture landscape not only a year after a new film.  In the past several months it is a well known fact that a discussion has been taking place over the film rights for Spidey between Disney and Sony.  Talks have took place about co-distribution of the character, a complete sell, or even the return of Sam Rami and Tobey Maguire to the franchise, whatever happens wether or not Peter Parker will return home is still very much up in the air. While many see the return of the Web Slinger to Marvel Studios as a no brainer, it's only fair to look at both the pros and cons of a Spidey coming home.  We will do this after the break….


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