Check it out: Batman Arkham Knight to be rated M for MATURE

      The final installment  in the Batman Arkham video game series: Batman Arkham Knight which will be released on June 2nd will be the first in the franchise's history to be rated M for MATURE.  Rock Steady the Studio behind the critically acclaimed series say's it was never their intention to cater the game toward a certain rating, but rather to make the best finale they possibly could for the series.  Rock Steady claims to have never have aimed for a certain rating in the past from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, although they all happened to be rated T for Teen.  Based on rating it would seem that the version of Batman we will see in Arkham Knight will be the darkest modern  incarnation of the character regardless of medium.  Think about it we have never had an R-Rated Batman film, a MAX rated Batman comic, or a TV-MA rated Batman television series.  Looks like fans of the Caped Crusader may get the unfiltered version of the character and his Rogue Gallery that we have always hoped for.

Let us know what you think for finally getting a Mature version of the Batman in the Comments.  DO you think it will hurt sales of the game?


  1. Well, Arkhamy Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth was labeled as being for mature readers (it was also a Vertigo title) and of course there was Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin.

    Interesting, though. My guess is it's simply due to violence, probably from the villains killing other characters.

  2. Yea with exception of that Grant Morrison work, nothing really r-rated in terms of Batman!


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