Check it out: Mondo Godzilla 2014 by Randy Ortiz

Reg, 24x36, limited to 275, $45

Variant, 24x36, limited to 150, $65

    Mondo is finally getting around to releasing another poster for Gareth Edward's 2014 Godzilla reboot.  The last two posters they have done for this franchise were only available at SDCC and SXSW, so this is the first Godzilla print available directly through Mondo.  As much as I like this poster, if you get the regular edition are most people going to be able to even tell it's a Godzilla poster? Probably not, now if you are able to snag the variant who the subject of the poster is isn't a mystery.  I wish artist Randy Ortiz would have focused on a different angle to capture the iconic reptiles entire body.  Bust shot's however are Ortiz most recent trend as seen in his last few Marvel prints.  You can grab the King of Monsters today at the Mondo Store at a random time.

Let us know what you think of the poster or just the 2014 Godzilla redesign in general in the comments!


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