Check it out: Spiderman may not be white after all

      The latest Spiderman casting rumor circulating is that Sony would prefer the next Spiderman not to be white.  According to the rumor however this may not mean African-American but possibly Hispanic, or if they go the Miles Morales route like a lot of fans want, perhaps both.  Remember Mile's Dad in the comics is African-American with his Mother being of Hispanic decent.  Now this contradicts earlier rumors that both Disney and Sony wanted a White Peter Parker Spiderman.  While I am not in favor of turning Peter Parker black just for the sake of making a 24 hour news cycle, it could be in the best interest of both Studio's to let the next Spiderman be Miles Morales.  This allows Marvel to inject some much needed diversity into their future Avengers rosters, while at the same time telling a brand new Spidey origin story that most of America does not know.  

To hear one of the best Spiderman movie fan theories ever regarding the identity of the next wall crawler , read after the break......

        All this guessing has prompted some fans to suggest that Sony/Disney not reveal who the new Spiderman is.  Instead have him reveal his identity to general audiences at the same time he reveals it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America Civil War on May 6th 2016.  While it may seem impossible with our instantaneous news cycle, perhaps they could film multiple versions of the reveal shot then at least the midnight crowds would be shocked!

How do you think the new Spidey reval should be handled? 
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  1. The reveal part is a really, really cool idea. I'd love to see that actually work out!

  2. Me too this could be this generation's equavalant to "I am your father" Disney play's this right!


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