Check it out: Taron Egerton rumored for Young Han Solo

      Rumor is that Taron Egerton only really known now for playing Eggsy in Kingsman: The Secret Service is apparently the choice by Disney to be the next Han Solo.  Egerton would play the role in one of the upcoming Star Wars Spin-off film's that would revolve around Han acquiring the Millennium Falcon.  If they go on previous Star War's history expect the longest film about a card game since 21, as Han is supposed to win the Falcon in a card game against Lando Calrissian.  However I am sure the film would follow adventures that ensue after and before the game of Sabacc.  I like Egerton for the role you have to have a certain amount of Swagger to even think about playing Han Solo, and anyone who has seen Kingsman knows this young actor has that.  

Anyone who has seen Kingsman, what do you think about Eggsy being the next Han? Let us know in the comments!


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