An Epic Partnership

     As many of you may know I spent my time away from The Epic Review being a part of Geeks World Wide or as they are better known.  My choice to bring back the Confirmed Epic Podcast and launch our own podcast network had nothing to do with the incredibly talented staff at GWW, but more to do with the flexibility and creative control that comes from releasing your own content.  In my utter sadness of realizing that my rededication to The Epic Review means I would be doing less with GWW, I reached out to the leadership and braintrust of GWW, Editors and friends: Casey Walsh, Everett Harn, and Agasicles Stamas.  After careful negations and discussions I am proud to announce a partnership between GWW and The Epic Review.  This partnership means that all podcasts that are part of our podcast network will also be featured on the Geeks World Wide radio network, even better it means the potential crossovers of GWW and The Epic Review Podcast host. 

A special thanks to all the wonderful people that made this possible!-The Reel Brad Bell 


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