Check it out: Bottle Neck Galleries Original Star Wars Trilogy poster set by Matt Ferguson

If you are looking for yet another incredible Star Wars poster from Bottle Neck Gallery or just want to own a Star Wars gig poster at a reasonable price, well this weekend you are in luck.  Because this weekend Bottle Neck Gallery is doing a timed release of this set of three 12 x 24 inch Star Wars original trilogy posters for only $100.  The best part, the sale is a timed edition, meaning Bottle Neck will print these based on the number of orders.  You have from now until the end of the day on Sunday February 28th 2016 to pick these up at Bottle Neck  The only negative here is they only come as a set, so we can't order the epic Empire print that truly captures the chilling state of the galaxy during that film.

Let us know which one of these are your favorites or if you plan on picking the set up in the comments below:


  1. Those are gorgeous! I'm really still trying to frame and find a place for some cool Star Wars and Batman artwork I picked up at Charlotte Minicon, but these are really appealing. Plus, guess what the ANH poster shows? Spacetroopers! The rarest OT trilogy troopers of them all! That's an insta win for me. These would make an awesome triptych.


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