Saturday, April 30, 2016

Epic News: Flash film loses it's Director

Director: Seth Grahame-Smith has left WB's The Flash film, get the story and our thoughts at

Epic News: Netflix gives Punisher his own solo series

Netflix has greenlit a Jon Bernthal solo Punisher series get the story our thought now at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Epic News: Morrison Confirms Wonder Woman Earth One Sequel

Grant Morrison has confirmed he is doing a Wonder Woman Earth One sequel with Artist: Yanick Paquette.  Get the story and our thoughts at 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Check it out: WB releases Killing Joke Teaser

WB has released the first trailer for their upcoming R-rated Killing Joke film, find the trailer and our thoughts at

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Check it out: Marvel Studios rolls out Civil War viral marketing

Marvel Studio's has started the viral marketing blitz for Captain America: Civil War out May 6th get the story and see the video at

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pop Culture Potluck Podcast #2: Why does everything SUCK?

If there is one thing we know in the South it is the potluck dinner, a variety of the best home cooked recipes from different families and friends coming together for comfort. The purpose of the Pop Culture Potluck podcast is to come together and discuss the issues in the world of: Sports, Gaming, Film, TV, Comics, History, and politics that we normally wouldn’t discuss in any of our other podcasts. Below you will find the guidelines for this new podcast.

Potluck Podcast Guidelines:

-Each host proposes 1 topic for each segment to be drawn randomly before the podcast

-No segment can last more than 10 minutes,

-Left over topics will remain in the bucket for future use, but new topics will be added each show

-The final host chosen topics can be anything, and may relate to main segments but do not have to

-Email any questions or comments about this pod to or tweet @thereelbradbell

Epic News: Marvel Studios pulls Inhumans from it's release calendar

Disney/Marvel Studios has pulled the Inhumans film for it's release slate, get the story and my thoughts at

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Check it out: New 'Jason Bourne' Trailer

Universal has released the first full trailer for Jason Bourne, see the trailer and get my thoughts now at

Epic News: X-23 rumored for 'Wolverine 3'

Rumor is that Fox is planning to bring X-23 into the X-men film universe, get the story and my thoughts at

Monday, April 18, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Epic News: Michael Keaton to play Vulture in Spider-man Homecoming

Michael Keaton has been linked to the role of the Vulture in Spider-man Homecoming, get the scoop and find out my thoughts at

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Epic News: Ben Affleck confirmed to direct his own solo Batman film

It has been confirmed by Warner Bros. that Ben Affleck will direct his own Batman film, get my story now at

Epic News: Geoff Johns plans major DC character death for DC Rebirth

Nothing says Rebirth like death right?  Apparently DC has plans to kill off a major character when DC Rebirth begins in May.  Get my story now at

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Epic News: R rated Batman Vs. Superman cut rumored to be hitting theaters

Rumor is we may see the R rated version of Batman V.s Superman in theaters after all, get my story and opinion now at

Monday, April 11, 2016

Check it out: TMNT Out of the Shadows Trailer #2

Paramount has released the 2nd trailer for TMNT: Out of the Shadows out June 3rd.  Once again looks like the TMNT film I would have loved as kid, but will hate as an adult.  Cowabunga!

(Source: Paramount)

Please let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments below!

Check it out: New MTV Movie Awards Suicide Squad Trailer

Check out the third Suicide Trailer, as well as my thoughts at

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Check it out: What Should DC Rebirth be?

Probably the article I am most proud of since I begin writing about online, I encourage to please check out my editorial at examining DC Rebirth and Why DC can't ever seem to catch up to Marvel.-The Reel Brad Bell

Epic News: New Jessica Jones ongoing series teased at ECCC 2016

Legendary Marvel Writer: Brian Michal Bendis took to his panel at ECCC 2016, to tease a new Jessica Jones ongoing comics series, get the story at

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Confirmed Epic Podcast #44: Rogue One Teaser Reaction & Our top 10 most anticipated films of Summer 2016

In Episode #44 of the Confirmed Epic Podcast the original Epic Reviewers: Brad, Andrew, and Jerry come together to do their first live and in person podcast in quite sometime, as they react to the new Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer and countdown their top 10 most anticipated films of Summer 2016.  As always the crew get's into what they have been checking out, and the epic news items of the week.

Please email any questions or comments to or tweet Brad @thereelbradbell

Epic News: New Iron Woman coming to Marvel Comics

Marvel has revealed a new female character could be dawning the Iron Man armor this May, find out who it may be at

Check it out: Scream Season 2 Teaser

MTV has released the first teaser trailer for season 2 of Scream.  The series returns Monday May 30th!

Are we the only one's excited for the Return of Scream? Let us know in the comments below!

Check it Out: Hot Toy's Black Panther

In there continued roll out of their Captain America: Civil War line hot toys has released the first images from their Black Panther 1/6 scale figure based on Chadwick Boseman's portrayal of the character in the May 4th film.  While I love the design that Marvel has given us for the  on screen debut of this iconic character, I feel Hot Toys has some work to do here as far as the body is concerned  The body looks more like a kitten than the ferocious Black Panther we have seen in the trailers, however this should be an easy fix (like it us in their Ben Affleck Batman figure) for an other wise epic Black panther collectible.  Expect this guy to retail for about $235, and be up for pre-order soon at, probably shipping in the Fall of 2016.

Let us know what you think of this version of T'Challa in the comments below!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Check it out: Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer

Disney has finally released the first official teaser for Star Wars: Rogue One, the film will revolve around the story of how a group of rebel thieves stole the original Death Star plans.  The films hits theaters December 16th 2016, and is directed by Gareth Edwards.

Please let us know what you think of the Rogue One trailer in the comments below!

Check it out: Side Show Collectibles Batman Returns Catwoman premium format figure

April 7th Side Show will begin taking pre-orders for what might be the best Batman collectible in the history of the company: The Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman 1/4 scale premium format figure based on Tim Burton's interpretation of the character in his 1992 dark masterpiece.  This statue will retail for $450 at, but don't expect it to ship until probably late 2017.  The likeness of both Pfeiffer, and her iconic costume represent the rare collectible were there is nothing really to nitpick, but rather it feels like the character is right in front of you.  If you want this you better act fast, this is probably the best high end Burton Batman collectible to date, so expect it to got fast.

Let us know what you think of this epic Burton Bat collectible in the comments below!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Confirmed Epic Podcast Retro Rewind: Episode 17, Man of Steel

Thanks to Mondo's Ken Taylor for this epic Man of Steel art that currently hangs in my living room.

With all the recent reaction and controversy to Zack Snyder's Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice, that we talked for over 2 hours about in Episode 43 of the confirmed epic podcast. I thought now would be the perfect time to go back into the epic review vaults, and re-release episode 17 of the podcast, were we reviewed Snyder's Man of Steel in June of 2013.  It was a different time, the world was just about to be introduced to Snyder's version of the DC universe, and we were all young podcasters beginning to cut our teeth in the industry,long before the breakout success of anything like Brad's work at Geeks World Wide or before Jerry built his toy review empire over at  This episode also features Jerry's wife Kristen, and our former co-host Gena Wiltshire, in other words the true OG's of the confirmed epic podcast! Enjoy!

An EPIC thanks to Geener-beaner for restoring this classic audio!

As always email any questions or comments about the show to or tweet Brad @thereelbradbell

Epic News: Wonder Woman release date moved up, and two new DC film dates revealed

In order to move the Amazonians away from Michael Bay's Transformers 5 WB has chosen to move the Wonder Woman Solo film up from July 23rd 2017 to July 2nd 2017.  While a minor adjustment to Diana Prince's release may not be that big of a deal ,the second part of the DC Warner Bros. announcement that came today was.  

After revealing they wanted to focus more on franchise film making in the vain of Disney, Warner Bros. anounced two new dates for unannounced DC Films: October 5th 2018 and November 1st 2019.  There is plenty of speculation to what DC films could hit theaters those respective Fall's, the most common rumors being: Suicide Squad 2, a Ben Affleck Solo Batman film, or a new solo Superman film.  

Considering recent events in the DC Cinematic universe perhaps the first two are a better bet, however we can't dismiss the comments made yesterday by both Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder about the desire to find time to do another stand alone Superman film.  Especially considering that last week Affleck confirmed he had finished his script for a solo Batman film with legendary DC Comic's writer: Geoff Johns, and his portrayal of Batman was one of the most well received aspects of Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice.  Since Affleck is also rumored to direct that film, and delivered the studio a best picture with Argo it's probably a safe bet we will see that Batfleck roaming Gotham again very soon.  

Please let us know what DC film you would like to see on these new release dates in the comments below!

Check it out: Batman The Killing Joke DC Animated Film Sneak Peek

Coming soon from WB Home Entertainment the direct to home video animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's Joker classic: The Killing Joke.  Both Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy will reprise their respective voice roles as Batman and the Joker for what is assumed will be the last time.  The Killing Joke cartoon will be out later in 2016.

Let us know what you think of bringing a story as dark as The Killing Joke to animation in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Epic News: Kingpin makes plans to capitalize on Civil War II this July

Get the scoop on how Wilson Fisk will capitalize on the tragedies Civil War II will wreak on the Marvel Universe this July at

Monday, April 4, 2016

Epic News: Could the Flash film be a Cyborg team up?

Speculation is the 2018 solo Flash film may revolve around a Cyborg team up, get my scoop at now!

Check it out: Hot Toy's Civl War Ant-Man

Hot Toys has revealed a surprise reveal for a new Ant-Man 1/6 scale collectible figure based of Paul Rudd's portrayal of the character in May 6th's Captain America: Civil War.  Surprising because Hot Toy's just got a slow moving version of the figure based on last summer's Ant-Man film to retailers. Personally I love the figure, and applaud Hot Toy's for not making this a simple rehash.  The renowned company has provided us with a new Rudd sculpt, as well as a 2.8 CM tiny Ant-Man to go along with the normal size figure.  These small touches is what make's Hot Toys the best high end retailer of figures in the market today!  Expect this tiny guy to be up for pre-order at today for around $235, and probably arriving at your door step early 2017.

Please let us know what you think of this new Ant-Man hot toys in the comments below!