Epic News: Wonder Woman release date moved up, and two new DC film dates revealed

In order to move the Amazonians away from Michael Bay's Transformers 5 WB has chosen to move the Wonder Woman Solo film up from July 23rd 2017 to July 2nd 2017.  While a minor adjustment to Diana Prince's release may not be that big of a deal ,the second part of the DC Warner Bros. announcement that came today was.  

After revealing they wanted to focus more on franchise film making in the vain of Disney, Warner Bros. anounced two new dates for unannounced DC Films: October 5th 2018 and November 1st 2019.  There is plenty of speculation to what DC films could hit theaters those respective Fall's, the most common rumors being: Suicide Squad 2, a Ben Affleck Solo Batman film, or a new solo Superman film.  

Considering recent events in the DC Cinematic universe perhaps the first two are a better bet, however we can't dismiss the comments made yesterday by both Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder about the desire to find time to do another stand alone Superman film.  Especially considering that last week Affleck confirmed he had finished his script for a solo Batman film with legendary DC Comic's writer: Geoff Johns, and his portrayal of Batman was one of the most well received aspects of Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice.  Since Affleck is also rumored to direct that film, and delivered the studio a best picture with Argo it's probably a safe bet we will see that Batfleck roaming Gotham again very soon.  

Please let us know what DC film you would like to see on these new release dates in the comments below!


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