Confirmed Epic Podcast RETRO REWIND: Episode 18, The Wolverine

To gear up for X-men: Apocalypse in just one week both on the Confirmed Epic Podcast network and are going back into the vaults to bring you another retro rewind edition.  This time look back at Wolverine's last big screen solo outing in July of 2013: James Mangold's The Wolverine. You will hear from the classic epic review team of Barbecue17 and thereelbradbell as we break down the film that led to the X-men franchise towards Days of Future Past.  It was a different time,  X-men Origin Wolverine as well as X-men the Last Stand had arguably killed the X-men franchise at FOX! We were all young podcasters beginning to cut our teeth in the industry.  Long before the breakout success of anything like Brad's work at Geeks World Wide or before Jerry built his toy review empire over at  .

As always email any questions or comments about the show to or tweet Brad @thereelbradbell


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