Check it out: Sony's UK Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer (Trailer #3)

   I was checking out Idle Hands tonight and saw that Sony Pictures UK has released a third trailer for Ghostbusters 2016.  I'm really trying to remain optimistic about this film and while there are certainly elements of the first trailer I really like, I'm still skeptical. Mostly, I'm just really concerned that the humor in this film isn't my type of comedy and thus won't resonate with me. This new trailer, though, I really like. Go watch the trailer and ready my thoughts on this after the break if you'd like...

  Personally, I think this trailer is pretty solid. I'd go so far as to say that this trailer rocks. I'm seeing less "punchlines" here and more personalities and character interplay, which I like. It's still funny, but to me part of the appeal of the original Ghostbusters is that it was a sci-fi/ horror film with situational humor and comedic actors, and not just a comedy with horror and sci-fi elements thrown in. I'm feeling far more of the traditional Ghostbusters spirit here (pun intended) than I did with the previous trailers which just seemed to be filled with one-liners and gags.

  I'm getting pretty excited for this film and there's no way I'm not giving it a shot. I won't be so presumptuous as to state that other Ghostbusters fan are wrong, but as someone whom holds Ghostbusters as one of my two favorite films (it constantly goes back and forth with Raiders of the Lost Ark) I have a hard time imagining that you wouldn't want to see this film and judge it for yourself regardless of how good or bad you thought it looked. I mean, I know we all talk about the cost of movies these days, but I can easily head to my theater and pick up a value ticket for a show for about $5 or $6 bucks. If you hold Ghostbusters in such high esteem, wouldn't you at least be willing to drop the price of a value meal to be able to critique this reboot/remake for yourself and give and informed opinion on it? Heck, any chance for me to see the original GB cast on screen, even not playing their characters from those films, would seem like enough to warrant a watch. I don't think hardcore Ghostbusters fans slipping into a matinee are going to make or break this film: It's going to have to appeal to mass audiences, promote the sale of merchandise, and do well on Blu-Ray and DVD all on it's own. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a bit apprehensive about this film, but I'm also willing to give it a chance. Unless I felt that a movie was actively bashing or being disrespectful to a property I loved, I'd have a hard time avoiding one watch of it strictly on principle.


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