Pop Culture Potluck Podcast #6: Top 5 Moments in Life so far & FUNKO POPS

thereelbradbell is once again joined by one of his good friend's, UNCC Grad. School Classmate, and fellow Geek/Carolina Panthers fan: Wil Maney in the 5th edition of the pop culture pot luck podcast.  Here are the topics up for discussion for Brad and Wil in Episode 5:

Politics: Do you think most Americans know the difference between News and Political Commentary?

Comics: How much of a property do you have to consume to be a true fan?

Film/TV: Are Geeks the majority now? If so how long can this last?

Collecting: FUNKO POPS, why are they so popular?

Bonus Topic: TOP 5 Moments in life so far?

If there is one thing we know in the South it is the potluck dinner, a variety of the best home cooked recipes from different families and friends coming together for comfort.  The purpose of the Pop Culture Potluck podcast is to come together and discuss the issues in the world of: Sports, Gaming, Film, TV, Comics, History, and politics that we normally wouldn't discuss in any of our other podcasts.  Below you will find the guidelines for this new podcast.

Potluck Podcast Guidelines:

-Each host proposes 1 topic for each segment to be drawn randomly before the podcast

-No segment can last more than 10 minutes, depending on the day

-Left over topics will remain in the bucket for future use, but new topics will be added each show

-The final host chosen topics can be anything, and may relate to main segments but do not have to

-Email any questions or comments about this pod to thepicreview@gmail.com or tweet @thereelbradbell


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