Pop Culture Pot Luck Podcast #7: Was 2016 really the worst year ever & giving Hockey a chance

thereelbradbell is once again joined by one of his good friend's, UNCC Grad. School Classmate, and fellow Geek/Carolina Panthers fan: Wil Maney in the 7th edition of the pop culture pot luck podcast.  Here are the topics up for discussion for Brad and Wil in Episode 7:

Sports: Finding a second favorite sport, and giving the NHL a chance

Film: The Ethics of bringing dead actors back to life using CGI

Politics: What will President Trmp actually be like, and how will the America public react?

TV: When should you give up on a show?

Bonus: Was 2016 really the worst year of lives or are we just getting old?

Bonus: Most anticipated moments of 2017 and our New Years resolutions


Potluck Podcast Guidelines:

-Each host proposes 1 topic for each segment to be drawn randomly before the podcast

-No segment can last more than 10 minutes, depending on the day

-Left over topics will remain in the bucket for future use, but new topics will be added each show

-The final host chosen topics can be anything, and may relate to main segments but do not have to

-Email any questions or comments about this pod to thepicreview@gmail.com or tweet @thereelbradbell


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