Sunday, February 28, 2016

Barbecue17 Reviews Constable Zuvio from Star Wars: The Black Series Phase III

   Remember Constable Zuvio from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Neither does anyone else! Strangely, Hasbro released a character in the 6 inch Black Series toyline of a character that didn't even make it into the final cut of the film. Check out my review of this oddity over at Action Figure Barbecue!
This guy is sure to become a curiosity piece in years to come. Or not. You never know, do you?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Confirmed Epic Podcast #39: An epic return and Dead Pool

In Episode 39 of the Confirmed Epic Podcast we are dead no more, and we review FOX's latest mutant hit: Tim Miller's Dead Pool.  We also discuss DC rebirth in Epic News.  As always we will dive into what we have been checking out this week: The people Vs. OJ Simpson, Marvel's Secret Wars, Brian Michael Bendis and Dave Marquez new Iron Man comic, The Dark Knight Returns, and pokemon day 2016!

This podcast can also be found on it's new home on the GWW Radio Network!

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An Epic Partnership

     As many of you may know I spent my time away from The Epic Review being a part of Geeks World Wide or as they are better known.  My choice to bring back the Confirmed Epic Podcast and launch our own podcast network had nothing to do with the incredibly talented staff at GWW, but more to do with the flexibility and creative control that comes from releasing your own content.  In my utter sadness of realizing that my rededication to The Epic Review means I would be doing less with GWW, I reached out to the leadership and braintrust of GWW, Editors and friends: Casey Walsh, Everett Harn, and Agasicles Stamas.  After careful negations and discussions I am proud to announce a partnership between GWW and The Epic Review.  This partnership means that all podcasts that are part of our podcast network will also be featured on the Geeks World Wide radio network, even better it means the potential crossovers of GWW and The Epic Review Podcast host. 

A special thanks to all the wonderful people that made this possible!-The Reel Brad Bell 

Action Figure Barbecue Reviews the Funko POP! Roller Derby Harley Quinn

Over at Action Figure Barbecue I reviewed a POP! figure I picked up: Harley Quinn #66! What can I say? POP!s are really fun and really addictive. Plus, it's Harley Quinn in her more recent Roller Derby duds. Need I say more? Check it out!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Barbecue Reviews Son of Batman from DC Comics Multiverse: Dark Knight Returns

Hey everyone!

It's your old pal Barbecue17 again! It's good to have The Epic Review to return to when the days are long and hard and you need a place where everyone knows not only your name, but also all of the names of the creatures hanging out in Chalmun's Cantina. You know, 'cuz we're nerds and we like that kind of stuff. Anyways, in the time that The Epic Review was lying dormant I've been working on my own site dedicated just to action figure reviews: Action Figure Barbecue! While lots of my older reviews are still hosted here on The Epic Review, they're also available along with hundreds of new reviews over there, such as my review of one of the newest figures from Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse subset for The Dark Knight Returns: A Son of Batman.  He's a brand new Wal-Mart exclusive, so check him out!

Check it out: Bottle Neck Galleries Original Star Wars Trilogy poster set by Matt Ferguson

If you are looking for yet another incredible Star Wars poster from Bottle Neck Gallery or just want to own a Star Wars gig poster at a reasonable price, well this weekend you are in luck.  Because this weekend Bottle Neck Gallery is doing a timed release of this set of three 12 x 24 inch Star Wars original trilogy posters for only $100.  The best part, the sale is a timed edition, meaning Bottle Neck will print these based on the number of orders.  You have from now until the end of the day on Sunday February 28th 2016 to pick these up at Bottle Neck  The only negative here is they only come as a set, so we can't order the epic Empire print that truly captures the chilling state of the galaxy during that film.

Let us know which one of these are your favorites or if you plan on picking the set up in the comments below:

Epics News: Domino rumored to be a part of the Dead Pool Sequel

Rumor is that Dead Pool's fellow X-force member: Domino will be a part of the upcoming Dead Pool sequel.  Also first appearing in Rob Liefeld's New Mutants # 98 just as Dead Pool did, Domino has the ability to manipulate  probability thus ever putting the odds in her favor.  This ability over probability also makes the character of Domino an expert Marksmen (Or shall we say Marks Lady).  Domino like Dead Pool has been a member of the black-ops, kill first ask questions later version of the X-men known as X-force.  The addition of Neena Thurman as she is known in homo-sapien, would be a refreshing addition to what now looks like the Dead Pool franchise.  Not only would it give the sequel another very strong and independent character to join the Nega Sonic Teenage War head, but it would be another steps towards the inevitable X-force film that will be coming from FOX. Dead Pool 2 is scheduled to release in 2017, in the mean time we recommend X-Force volume 3 written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost to increase your probability of knowing the character by the time the film hits.

Let us know what you think about Domino's rumored addition to Dead Pool 2, and what actress you would like to see play her in the comments below! (BTW our pick is Rebecca Ferguson from last summer's: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Thursday, February 25, 2016

An Epic Return

      Over the past year I have been blessed to work with the great staff of Geeks World Wide, Editor and Chief: Casey Walsh and Founder: Joe Barhoum provided me with opportunities and access I could only dream of, interviewing comic creators from Tom King to Robert Venditti of DC among other legendary talents.  While I have enjoyed my time there, and still plan to remain on part time, something was missing.  I felt like I traded the flexibility and friendships of The Epic Review for that access.  My return to The Epic Review is not alone, I will also be joined by two of my best friends in the entire world: Jerry Reed of Action Figure Barbecue and our former podcast co-host: Andrew Stokes.  However this time around The Epic Review will be a different kind of venture.  See, the three of us have realized we enjoy talking more than we do writing.  So rather than being a news regurgitation site, The Epic Review along with our new youtube channel , will be the home of our brand new podcast network that will include a variety of soon to be anounced shows, of course headlined by the continuation of our flagship show: The Confirmed Epic Podcast.  We hope this will better represent what we all wanted this site to originally be, a place to house the free form geeky conversations that we all used to have walking out of our hometown movie theater (pictured above) or on  our way to the comic book shop.

-The Reel Brad Bell