Check it out: Edge of Tomorrow Sequel confirmed will be titled: Live Die Repeat And Repeat

WB is in major need of franchise, so much so that they have officially confirmed a Edge of Tomorrow sequel which will be titled: Live Die Repeat and Repeat.  Is it just me or is that tile a bit repetitive? Stars Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and director Doug Liman are all set to return. While Edge of Tomorrow wasn't the blockbuster Warner Bros. was hoping for in the summer of 2014, it found something little beyond a cult following on home video once the studio renamed it: Live Die Repeat. As of now, no release date for the sequel has been announced.

Personally I feel like a follow up to Liman's original time traveling flick could be nothing more than an improvement.  I found the first film to be a bit of a let down, but I have to admit I have never been a fan of the Groundhogs Day trope.  Perhaps this film will find a new way to play with that premise, maybe this time focusing more on future time travel that doesn't always involve the same day or characters.  If nothing else this sequel announcement is a good enough reason to revisit the original on blu-ray.

Back in the summer of 2014 on episode 31 of the confirmed epic podcast we reviewed Edge of Tomorrow, be on the look out for that in next week in a retro rewind edition of the pod.  

Are you excited for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell 


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