Check it out: IT remake teaser trailer #2

WB is rolling out a trailer blitz today, shortly after releasing the final Wonder Woman trailer, the studio released the second teaser trailer for their most anticipated film of Fall 2017.  Yeah you heard that right, people are more excited for an It remake than they are for the first ever Justice League film!  I somewhat question the choice to release this trailer now, only a month and a half after the first trailer broke the internet as most watched trailer in the history of youtube.  Showing too much too soon is usually a Sony tactic, but perhaps like the book Warner Bros. realizes they have so much epic story/footage why not tantalize horror hounds and cinephiles some more.

It hits theaters September 8th 2017

Please let us know what your thoughts of the trailer in the comments below, or tweet me and let me know if you are excited for Dunkirk or not @thereelbradbell


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