Check It Out: Mondo to Release Wave 1 of Texas Frightmare 2017 Merch. Today

Every May the mecca of horror takes place in Dallas Texas at the annual Texas Frightmare Convention.  Over the past several years one of my favorite companies in the galaxy: Mondo has provided the convention with some terrifying works of art based on classic horror films.  This years offerings included classics such as: Friday the 13th, The Thing, and Nightmare on Elm St. amongst many others.

Later today at a random time, and of course with a limited number of prints Mondo will release the first wave of these offerings for those of us who were not lucky enough  to make it to the 12th annual Texas Frightmare.

Checkout the poster, prices, edition sizes, and our thoughts on them after the break...

New Nightmare, Mike Saputo, 24 x 36, Edition of 275, $50

Friday the 13th Part 3, Gary Pullin, 24 x 18, Edition of 250, $45

Friday the 13th Part 3 T-Shirt, $25

Texas Frightmare 2017 Enamel Pins, $10 Each

I absolutely love these offerings, especially the 3-D effect on the Pullin Friday the 13th poster paying homage to that films infamous gimmick.  I no longer collect or display horror with the exception of the months of September and October.  That being said I would proudly display any of these in my home during that time period, except for Saputo's New Nightmare, quite frankly the realism of that film that is captured so well in this poster scares the heck out of me, but I guess that's the point.  

If you want any of these posters begin refreshing the Mondo Website every few minutes, which you can find at, as they are sure to sell out in minutes.

Let us know what you think of the posters, shirt, and pins in the comments below or tweet me your thoughts @thereelbradbell


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