Check It Out: Mondo's Get Out Posters

Jay Shaw, 18 x 24, Edition of 150, $40

Francesco Francavilla, 24 x 26, Edition of 250, $50

In honor of the Blu-ray release of Jordan Peele's instant horror classic: Get Out, Mondo will be releasing the two limited edition posters seen above by Jaw Shaw and Francesco Francavilla.  I have yet to see Peele's Get Out, which is a wrong I hope to correct in the next week or so, but I absolutely adore the simplistic Francavilla.  I promise I am not saying this just because we will see Francesco at Heroes-Con 2017 coming up June 16th-18th in Charlotte, NC.

(Source: Birth, Movies, Death)

Find the interview I did for Geeks World Wide from Heroes-Con 2016 with Francesco Francavilla HERE!

These will be on sale at at a random time tomorrow, but that usually means between 11 A.M and 2 P.M EST

Let us know what you think about the posters or the film in general in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell  


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