Check It Out: The MTV Movie/TV Awards 2017 happened last night if you care

For the first time MTV combined their annual film and television awards show.  In my opinion if the Oscars are to pretentious then any MTV awards show is too dumb!  That being said at least they do award movies that most people actually see.  Checkout the big winners, and a notable take away after the break...

Beauty and the Beast was the big film winner as it took home best movie, and Emma Watson took home the best actor award as Belle.

Not surprisingly the show that took us by storm in the summer of 2016: Stranger Things was the big TV winner as it took home best show, and Millie Bobby Brown took home the award as best actor for her iconic role as Eleven.  If you want to here our thoughts on the show we reviewed it on confirmed epic podcast #52 this past summer.

Also notable was that Jeffery Dean Morgan took home the award as best villain in tv/film for his portrayal of Negan in The Walking Dead.  Maybe surprising due to the fact that so many fans have said they have quit watching the show due to their hatred for the character.  I will maintain the stance that a villain you hate is good one!

Personally I haven't cared about the MTV Movie or TV awards since middle school, but if you do let us know why in the comments below and tweet me your thoughts about the results @thereelbradbell 


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