Check It Out: NECA Teases 6 Inch TMNT Figures (Updated: Revealed!)

One of the biggest questions for collectors has been: will we ever get 6 Inch scale NECA TMNT Action Figures, and unbelievably the answer looks like YES!  Ever since the insanely detailed 1/4 1990 TMNT Movie figures were shown by NECA, the questions and rumors began to heat up that we might actually see the Green Machine in more collector friendly scale.

However with the historically tight guarded license that Playmates Toys has on the Turtles, and given the precedent for the company to keep smaller turtle figures to themselves, yesterday's announcement was quite a pleasant surprise.  To celebrate National Turtles Day, the beloved collectible company gave us our first look at the their 6 inch TMNT figures planned for 2018, right now it looks like we will be getting the 4 original Turtles and the Shredder.

*Updated: NECA has revealed that the figures will be a SDCC Exclusive and will retail for $200.  You can find the new pics featuring the full figure reveal after the break...

(Source: Toyark & Toy News I)

Wow! These look more appetizing than ice cream pizza, combing elements of the films, original show, and the arcade games look for these to be one of the hottest set of TMNT collectibles of all time.  Now the questions become when and where can we get these? The first answer is a bit easier: sometime in 2018.  However the second answer is one that even Master Splinter may struggle with. There are rumors that these guys will only be SDCC exclusives, for NECA's sake and our sanity we hope not.

Let us know if you will be picking up this version of the Green Machine in the comments below or tweet me your thoughts @thereelbradbell


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