Check It Out: That Kid Who Draws, Alexander Iaccarino's Epic Edge of Tomorrow Poster

Up for Pre-order now is the breathtaking Edge of Tomorrow screen printed poster by friend of the confirmed epic podcast: That Kid Who Draws, Alexander Iacccarino.  This vibrant 8 color screen print is up for pre-order now at Alexander's store for the incredible price of on $50, anyone who knows anything about alternative poster collecting knows this price will only go up on the after market. With all the hype around WB's recently announced Edge of Tomorrow sequel you can expect this epic piece of art to go fast.

Order the poster now by clicking the link to Alexander's store: Here!

I also sat down with Alexander to talk posters on 2 separate occasions during my time at Geeks World Wide once on the Capes podcast episode #101, and at heroes-con 2016 in Charlotte, NC.  Check those out by following the preceding links.

Please let us know what you think of the poster in comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell


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