Check It Out: Mondo Spider-Gwen Poster

Regular, 18x24, Edition of 200, Price: ?

Variant, 24x18, Edition of 100, Price: ?

Mondo has revealed their new Spider-Gwen poster by newcomer: Valero-O-Connell.  The poster will be printed by D&L Screen printing, and will go on sale at at a random time (Between 11 am and 2:30 pm Eastern) Tuesday June 20th 2017.  Personally I am in love with the regular edition of the print that captures the punk/meta vibe of the beloved comic, while the facial features on the variant edition leave a little to be desired.  No price for the posters has been announced at this time.

(Source: Screen Rant)

Let us know what you think about the poster in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell 


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