Check It Out: 1st Rise of the TMNT Image Released

Nick has revealed our first look at the next on going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon: Rise of the TMNT.  The show is set to debut on Nickelodeon late 2018.  

Find our thoughts after the break...

Ugh, this looks awful! This is not my TMNT! Those were my initial reactions to our first look at Rise of the TMNT.  However after choosing to digest this a little longer than Mike does his pizza, I have decided to somewhat embrace this new take on my beloved childhood heroes.  While this isn't my dream version of the Turtles (That would be the current IDW comic!) there is something to be excited here as a Shell Head, which is the freshness, and I am not talking about the sewers.

Sure these somewhat garish versions of the Turtles have magical powers, so what! I am interested to see something new done with this property that I love so much.  We have seen Leo, Raph, Mike, and Donnie save NY dozens of times, so the fact that they now have to save the mystical city under NY seems as refreshing, and different as ice cream pizza.  

Let us know what you think of these new versions of the Turtles in the comments below!


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