Check It Out: Cloverfield 3 available now on NETFLIX!

In stunning turn of events the biggest surprise wasn't the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52, but rather it was the shocker of a Cloverfield 3 trailer revealing the show would drop immediately following the game.  That's right you can watch Cloverfield 3: The Cloverfirld Paradox right now on NETFLIX!

Find our thoughts on this Epic News, and a second Cloverfield 3 Superbowl ad after the break...

Considering this was my #1 most anticipated film of Winter/Spring 2018 this is crazy/epic news.  If this works well it could set a new precedent for entertainment marketing during the big game.  This move leaves me to believe this film will either be a boom or bust proposition, leaving me to wonder why could this not be released in theaters after having multiple dates to do so?

Whether this ends up being one the best entertainment surprises or disappoints in film of 2018, stay tuned to The Epic Review, as we will have coverage of this both on site, and The Confirmed Epic Podcast by the end of the month.

Let us know your thoughts on this shocking epic news in the comments below!


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