Brad Bell creator and founder of The Epic Review
Lead Writer
Podcast Co-Host
Social Media Director 
Twitter: @TheReelBradBell

Jerry Reed AKA Barbecue 17
Podcast Co-host 
Barbecue17's Blog: Action Figure Barbecue
Twitter: @Barbecue17Lives

Andrew Stokes AKA Andrew Stokes
Podcast Co-host

The Epic Review Alumni

Gena Wiltshire AKA Geenerbeener 
Retired Podcast Co-Host
Retired Writer
Checkout her Etsy Store @ The Nerdy Girl Nook

Kristen Reed AKA Arathaelia 
Retired Podcast Co-Host
Retired Social Media Director 

Frequent Confirmed Epic Podcast Guest Co-host

Abby AKA The Mother of Beagles
Twitter: @alcurtis17

Amos AKA Just Amos
Host of the Just Being Amos Podcast

Twitter: @onelmane


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