Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Epic Goodbye

    It's bittersweet for me to announce at this time that I will be leaving The Epic Review to become a Comics, Film, and TV contributor at .  I will always be thankful to all the people that came together over the past two years to run this site, but most of all thanks so much to people who followed us, commented, read the site, and listened to The Confirmed Epic Podcast.  Without our writers and readers we would have never had the opportunity to do wonderful things such as interviewing George R.R. Martin and I would never had the chance to go to a site like Geeks with Wives.   

   I hope anyone who has enjoyed reading this site or listening to our Pods will continue to follow my work at Geek with Wives, where I will be doing much of the same things we did here just on a bigger platform.  I have already posted my first two comic reviews: Spider-Gwen #1 and Batman #39, which you can check out at Geeks with Wives. As well as well as becoming a rotating co-host on there Geeks on film and eventually Geeks with Capes and Wives comics podcast.  I look forward to working with the great Staff at that website to continue discussing the powerful social commentary that modern geekdom has become.

     Before The Epic Review is officially is  out we still have at least one final edition of The Confirmed Epic podcast.  Which promises to be fun and emotional episode where we look forward to great things in geekdom to come over the next few years.  So don't take us off of your Itunes subscription just yet.   

     In closing: Barbecue17, Andrew Stokes, Evan, Kristen, and Gena thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you put in on this site and making this epic adventure so much fun!

-The Reel Brad Bell

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Confirmed Epic Podcast Episode 38: Darth Vader #1 and #2

    In Episode 38 of the Confirmed Epic Podcast The Reel Brad Bell, Barbecue17, and Andrew Stokes review the long awaited Marvel Comic’s Darth Vader #1 and #2 by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Laroca.  In a sad edition of Epic News the guys discuss: the passing of Leonard Nimoy as well as the news of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight receiving an M-rating.  As usual we discuss what we have been checking out: Joseph Kahn’s Power Rangers reimagining, Spider Gwen #1, Far Cry 4, and the CW's The 100.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

R.I.P Leonard Nimoy

Sad news today, as Mr. Spock has been beamed up for the last time.  Science Fiction Icon Leonard Nimoy died early this morning in his Bel-Air home of obstructive pulmonary disease at the age of 83.  A disease caused by the actor smoking habit he gave up 30 years ago.  While I am not a Trekkie, Nimoy's impact on pop culture and science fiction was unprecedented and if there was a Mount Rushmore of Geekdom he would surely be on it.  Mr. Spock will live long and prosper in world of science fiction until the end of time, R.I.P Mr. Nimoy.

Please feel free to share your favorite Leonard Nimoy/Spock memories in the comments!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Check it out: Arrow and Flash Superhero Team Spin-off in the works

               Looks like the CW superhero line-up is expanding.  According to Deadline there is a TV project in the works that would feature Black Canary (Caty-Lotz Star), Atom (Brandon Routh), FIRESTORM (Robbie Amell and Victor Gaber), and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) as well as  three other unknown DC heroes in a Superhero team-up show. Without knowing who the mystery three will be, this line-up raises some big questions in the form of the Black Canary character which I not comment on any further to avoid any spoilers. 

       Considering the amount of time and money put into bringing high profile actors such as Brandon Routh to the CW, many assumed the next step would be an Atom spin-off series especially with the amount of labor put into his high-profile move like suit that was recently revealed.  As of now it seems like the consensus is that Grant Gustin's Flash or Stephen Amell's Arrow will not be series regular's for this show.  Also I would not expect any villains to join the roster, since the DC TV universe already has an established Suicide Squad roster.  This would most likely rule out someone like Manu Bennet's Deathstroke.  One thing is for sure DC has immense amount confidence in it's TV brand, now only if it could capture that same magic on the big screen.  Our dream scenario would bring the Justice Society of America to out TV's this Fall starring John Diggle as the next Green Lantern!

Let us know what you think of this new upcoming DC Superhero team in the comments!  

Also who would be your choice for the three open spots on the show's roster?

Check it out: Mondo Godzilla 2014 by Randy Ortiz

Reg, 24x36, limited to 275, $45

Variant, 24x36, limited to 150, $65

    Mondo is finally getting around to releasing another poster for Gareth Edward's 2014 Godzilla reboot.  The last two posters they have done for this franchise were only available at SDCC and SXSW, so this is the first Godzilla print available directly through Mondo.  As much as I like this poster, if you get the regular edition are most people going to be able to even tell it's a Godzilla poster? Probably not, now if you are able to snag the variant who the subject of the poster is isn't a mystery.  I wish artist Randy Ortiz would have focused on a different angle to capture the iconic reptiles entire body.  Bust shot's however are Ortiz most recent trend as seen in his last few Marvel prints.  You can grab the King of Monsters today at the Mondo Store at a random time.

Let us know what you think of the poster or just the 2014 Godzilla redesign in general in the comments!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Check it out: Iron Man Avengers Age of Ultron Teaser poster/announcement

      Earlier today Robert Downey Jr. took to his Facebook page to reveal his Avengers Age of Ultron poster, and tease a big Marvl Studios announcement.  The Billionaire, Playboy, and Philanthropist had the following to say:

"Got a little somethin for ya, folks. Just cuz you’re awesome, check out this new Iron Man poster for Avengers #AgeOfUltron.
And don’t tell 'em I told you, but there’s a big announcement coming in 8 days… Shhhhhhh… #getexcited"

   If we had to guess Downey is most likely teasing the reveal of who will be the next Spiderman for Sony and Disney.  Spiderman is expected to appear alongside Cap and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War out May 6th 2016.

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s Facebook for the poster and the announcement tease!

Let us know what you think of the poster, and the announcement in the comments?

Batman Arkham Knight: Gotham is mine trailer

     A day after Batman Arkham Knight received an M-rating, rocksteady has released the latest trailer for the June 2nd next gen.  game.  What pops for me in this incarnation of the Arkham Franchise is the evolution of the villain's costumes, the Riddler and Poison Ivy look particulary stunning.  As expected the the trailer shows off the Scarecrow as the main baddie, and some more Batmobile action which looks a bit more polished.

Let us know what you think about the new Arkham Knight trailer in the comments!