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I've always got time for a Chai Tea Latte!

I have been a fan girl for as long as I remember. I was born into a family already obsessed with Star Wars (my brother would have us watch IV, V, and VI every Christmas Eve) and Star Trek (my father and I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching Star Trek: Next Gen., Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules). That being said, I've grown into my own person and have established my personal form of geekyness (is that a word?). More about me after the break...

     I am an avid Star Wars fan (but I'm also a purist so I only really care about IV, V, and VI... the jury is still out on if I'm going to like the new movie set to come out in 2015). I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about the actual film content (That's my area of expertise... the story and dialog). I have read many of the expanded universe stories as well as done extensive historical research of the Star Wars timeline. I am currently working on a novel which tells the story of the development of the very first Jedi which takes place over 25,000 years before the Battle for Yavin, long before the Jedi Civil War and the Mandalorian Wars. (Fun fact: after the destruction of the Death Star and with the development of the New Republic, time measurement was changed to the Battle of Yavin as the 0 year mark.)

In general, I love most things geek. I play video games, go to conventions, cos-play, read fantasy and sci-fi novels, play board games like D&D and Zombicide (Zombicide is one of the best games I've ever played), watch the Syfy channel, etc. If it's geektastic, I probably love it. And though I may be glamorous, there is nothing fake about my inner nerd! (I am no Glamor Geek!)

This girl loves her first person shooters!

Favorite movie: It's a toss up between Clue and Star Wars: A New Hope (I'm sure you could guess that last one)

Favorite Video Game: Mass Effect Series (but mainly just 2 and 3, the all-terrain vehicle just ruined ME1)

Favorite Gaming Platform: Goodness, well, I guess I am a PC gamer through and through. I just love the controls but I wish more games were made for Mac. I'm a true Apple Snob. But if I had to pick something other than a computer, I just really love the good old GameBoy Color! This may be a nostalgic reason more than anything else. 

Favorite TV show: Depends. First it was Psych, then Battle Star Galactica, then Eureka. I'm about to start Dr. Who and I'm a little afraid I'm not going to see the sun this whole summer!

First comic book you ever read: Well, I actually began my graphic novel reading in manga with Shonen Jump (yes, I read a manga created specifically for boys; there are a lot of girl mangas out there that just suck! Well, they're just not my taste). I began reading manga in high school. I read my first American comic two months ago: Batman Year One. That is if you're not counting the digital Dark Horse comics that I began reading on my phone back in mid February, which began with Dark Horse's release of their new Star Wars six issue series.

What do you do for fun: I like to read in the bathtub... it's my guilty pleasure...

If you could be in a relationship with any fictional character who would it be: HAN SOLO!!!!! Did you really need to ask? ;)

What is your dream job: Gosh, if I could do anything.... I'd want to be a professional critic/reviewer. I'd love to spend my days seeing movies, reading books, or playing video games and then talking about how great or awful they were. That just seems like the life to me!

What are you working on now: I am currently developing a live action Star Wars game called Rebels Vs. Empire (RvE). This game is a lot like Humans vs. Zombies if you've ever played that game, but with a lot more added in. RvE is like live action Risk, mixed with Capture the Flag, mixed with a scavenger hunt, mixed with pure unadulterated Star Wars fun! I will be creating a website soon that will have all the rules, print outs, and a pre-made game ready to go. I'll blog about it once it's up and running. This game is perfect for college campuses, conventions, and large groups of friends who just love Star Wars and being outside!

I like to think I clean up well ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me more! I hope you are enjoying our site and like what you see! I'm honored to be a part of this team!

Got questions to ask me? Just send them to!


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