Epic Deal: Man of Steel Mondo poster by Martin Ansin timed edition

'Man of Steel' by: Martin Ansin

     Anyone who has paid any attention to our blog over the past year knows the love I have for the elitist poster company Mondo.  The gallery houses the premiere pop culture artist in the business such as: Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Jason Edmiston, and JC Richard among others.  These artist then create classic style movie posters rather than the photo shopped crap studios give us today.  Normally Mondo prints  are extremely limited in edition size and can sell out as quick as 10 seconds, and later go on to sell on Evil Bay for insane prices.  However last year Mondo did their very first timed edition size allowing fans 48 hours to order Olly Moss's 'The Dark Knight Rises' print, the rules Mondo would create as many posters as were ordered.  After selling 10,000 Batman posters last Summer, Mondo is doing it once again giving fans 72 hours to order their beautiful Martin Ansin 24x36 print for Zack Snyders 'Man of Steel' for $50, while $50 dollars isn't cheap for a poster keep in mind most Mondo posters go for upwards of $200 dollars on the secondary market once they are gone.  I encourage anyone who has ever thought of owning a Mondo poster to take advantage of this opportunity, as of this posting you have until tonight at midnight to order this beautiful work of art before it's gone forever.  To order just visit Mondo's website at Mondotees!


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