First Look at SDCC 2013 Exclusive Shredder from Playmate's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from ToyNewsi

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     Interested in checking out the 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive for Playmate's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines based off of the hit Nickelodeon animated series?  Then head on over to ToyNewsi and take a peak at the multiple in-hand images of this year's exclusive figure, Shredder.  In what looks to be a more deluxe version of the first Shredder figure that was released last year, this version of the evil leader of the Foot Clan features a sewer shaped display stand, vac metallized armor, a tattered cape, and a removable vac metallized helmet that reveals Shredder's scarred face. It's pretty gruesome, and definitely the most scarred visage of Oroku Saki that we've ever seen! Check him out at ToyNewsi (master video reviewer Pixel Dan is supposed to have a video review up soon) and read some more of my thoughts after the break....

     Last year's Shredder from the TMNT line was definitely a disappointment to me, but this one looks to be much better. He still seems to be based off of the same figure (which features pretty lousy articulation, especially compared to the Turtles themselves), but the improvements like the addition of the familiar purple cape and the shinier blades go a long way toward making this figure more appealing. I'm not a huge fan of vac-metal, but I'll admit it looks good here. The only thing that concerns me a bit is the price. 32 dollars? That's nearly 3-4 times what a basic TMNT figure costs at retail. I could see $20 or $25, but nothing about this figure makes me feel like he's worth $32 dollars. I may just be waiting for the next version that Playmates releases later this year.


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