Netflix for the poor kids: Shark Night (Confirmed: EH)

Thankfully, no one ever said this was the next Jaws!
     As part of the annual beach trip to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, it’s tradition to watch the Steven Spielberg epic Jaws.  Well, after a bout with rainy weather at the beach I felt hungry for a little more shark infested action which led me to Shark Night, currently available on Netflix instant watch.  As you can probably imagine Shark Night isn’t Jaws, but just how good or bad was it? Find out after the break…

Shark Night: The ultimate B movie tease!

     To determine how good or bad Shark Night really is the viewer has to ask themselves two questions: 1. Am I actually taking this movie seriously? and 2. How seriously does Director David R. Ellis want us to take his film? If you as an audience member are willing to accept the type of B (or maybe even C) movie horror film that Shark Night actually is, you may have a lot of fun with this movie.  However if you are expecting a well done horror film, I imagine you will be utterly disappointed.  As for the answer to question number two, sadly I do think Mr. Ellis wanted us to take his horror film seriously, which downright hinders the film.

Yes, sadly these kids are trying to act!

     Instead of embracing its B movie status Shark Night seems to want to be a legit horror film, despite casting former American Idol and O.C stars in lead roles.  This ends up unraveling every part of the B movie glory that unfolds over the course of film.  For example, an outrageous scene of a terribly rendered completely CG shark going airborne and eating someone off a jet ski is followed by terrible young actors trying to display real emotion when it is clear they can’t no matter how hard they try. And sadly, they are trying.

Hey remember me? Catherine Mcphee? I lost to Taylor Hicks on American Idol!?

     The premise of Shark Night is so outrageous, and do I dare say original, that it may have worked if executed properly.  I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a film with a plot that consists of sharks being released into the swamps of Louisiana in order to carry out revenge on an ex girl friend all while being videotaped by camera carrying sharks? (*You just sold me on this film- Editor*) The results should have been shark week on steroids or at the very least B movie gold, but sadly the end result of Shark Night feels as lifeless as the skinny dipper from the opening scene of Jaws!

Sadly Shark Night was to be Director David R. Ellis's last film.

*Sadly Shark Night was Director David R. Ellis’s final film. While I didn't enjoy Shark Night, I am grateful for the first two Final Destination films’ he gave us and even Snakes on a Plane, which was true B movie gold. May he rest in peace!


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