Michael W. Crawford reviews the Walking Dead Season 3 "Governor's Trophy Case" Blu-Ray Set

Image from MWCtoys.com

     I actually haven't had the chance to finish the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead yet, but I certainly plan on it (I don't have cable).  Honestly, gimmick DVD and Blu-Ray packaging, especially when it's abnormal and won't fit on a shelf, rarely appeals to me. This is a work of art, however. Gruesome, depraved art, but art nonetheless.  With this packaging, McFarlane toys has probably created the coolest product they've produced for at least five years.  It actually holds water and features LED lights to really stand out on your shelf.  Head on over to master reviewer Michael W. Crawford's site and check out both his excellent review and beautiful pictures of this piece.  He's also got some great thoughts on the best way to display it in order to preserve the piece while still keeping it looking awesome. 


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