Action Figure Barbecue: Batman, Batros, Brickwarriors, Daleks, DC Universe, Chibis, Prometheus, Joker, KA Mumb, Lifeline, Nepthu, TMNT Comics, R2-D2, and Christmas Cheese!

Image from Misfit Robot Daydream
     It's the weekend before Thanksgiving! As you're getting ready for all of your Turkey Day festivities, here's a list of some great reviews and commentaries from the past week that I really enjoyed during my journeys across the Interwebs. Reviews here on the site may be a bit sporadic this week as I make my homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce, but I'll be sure to get a few things up. In the words of the always quotable Reel Brad Bell, "Happy Collecting Everyone!"

     As part of their Crime Fighters and Criminals Month, Joshua Raymond at Misfit Robot Daydream did an excellent review of NECA's 1/4 scale Adam West Batman. This thing is amazing and definitely a toy I'm not trying to track down! The accessories and extra hands that come with this thing really make it work!

     While I don't agree with most of his review, Doc Thomas's review of MOTUC Batros at is pretty funny and definitely worth reading.

     I always like seeing reviews for cool stuff I didn't know existed and this week I was surprised by Eric Stettmeier's review of the Brickwarrior's Weapons Pack at Toyriffic. These are some really cool bagged accessory kits from BrickWarriors to spice up your Lego minifigures and make them even more awesome. The jester set is truly wicked!

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     Phantom Troublemaker at Needless Things has been covering lots of Doctor Who stuff (including the new and awful 1/18th scale line) as part of their Whoniversary. The 1/18th scale Dalek is actually pretty cool and would be the only figure I'd be tempted to pick up. Granted, I have about 20 Daleks in the older, larger scale, but still: Dalek vs. G.I. Joe?
     It's not an action figure, but NoisyDvL5 at It's All True has released a list of his top ten DC Universe Classics costume variants that we never got in DCUC. I think it's more good evidence that shows how many killer figures Mattel still could have put out in DCUC. (I think Noisy's choice of Poison Ivy in her first appearance duds was much needed in the line.) 

     Like your DC Universe figures a but smaller, more deformed, and saccharine sweet? Then you might be interested in Googum's look at the new DC Chibis over at Random Happenstance. I bet you can't guess which character I'm waiting for. Here's a hint: starts with B, ends with L, and has "ATGIR" in the middle.

     While I want to ignore these on principle, I have to admit that Ridureyu at Nerditis' review of the Holographic Chair Suit Engineer from NECA's Prometheus line does look pretty cool. I'm still mad that we didn't get Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, aka the protagonist, though. Lame, NECA. Lame.   

Michael W. Crawford at MWC Toys has reviewed another statue in DC Collectibles' long running Batman Black & White line: The Greg Capullo version of the Joker from Death of the Family. I always look forward to Michael's reviews of these and this is a pretty good one.

      Philip Reed at Battlegrip did a review of a really cool toy I had never heard of: KA Mumb from Ashley Wood and 3A's Adventure Kartel series. It's a pretty wicked steam powered mummy, so I'm definitely digging it. 

     I've always loved G.I. Joe: Tiger Force and I'm enjoying watching John Gaither at The Clawful Punch show off his acquisitions. He looked at Tiger Force Lifeline, a figure I own and love. Except John's doesn't have a broken antennae on his backpack. Lucky.

     Over at DoomKick, Dr. Rampageo treated us to another fair and balanced review of MOTUC's Nepthu (AKA, the guy who makes Mighty Spector look cool). Lots of images of the guy in battle in case you want to do a little more research towards whether or not you'll be buying Nepthu during Matty's Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales (if he appears, that is).
     As part of Infinite Hollywood's Ninja Turtle November, Newton reviewed issue #1 of the comic book included with TMNT cereal from the early 90's. Personally, I loved that stuff and even ate the ninja net cereal pieces along with the marshmallow.
     Action Figure Man at Action Figure Imagery reviewed R2-D2 from Star Wars Black. While this guy seems to sit around now, I have a feeling collectors will be scrambling to snap him up when C-3PO gets released in the future.

     While it's not neither a toy nor an action figure, Matt at Dinosaur Dracula has reviewed the Christmas cheese with the nuts on the edges. We typically have either a cheese log or a cheese ball and while they look the same, the colors in the cheese trifecta that Matt lays out is purely amazing. I'm ready for the holidays after reading this review. And some cheese. I had a cousin that wouldn't eat anything else except for the cheese ball at my Grandma's Christmas dinner, so she probably would enjoy this review.


  1. That NECA Batman is freaking amazing and cool! I want one.

  2. Hey, thanks for linking to my review of NECA's 1/4 scale Batman! I'm glad you liked it.


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