Epic News: Friday March 14th 2014

Happy TGIF Epic Reviewers.  Epics news is back today answer questions such as:  When will Captain America 3 be out?  Who will play the lead in Star Wars Episode 7? And what beloved actor just joined the new Terminator film?  Find all this and more in this Friday March 14th Edition of Epic News after the break....

Epic Collecting News:

K'Nex Plans to release building sets for the Microsoft Titan Fall Franchise this Fall!

Help Kick Start a Sequel to The Walking Dead Comic book board game!

Epic Comic Book News:

Marvel has announced an Ultimate FF Series!

Epic Film News:

Marvel Studios has anounced that Captain America 3 Directed by:
The Russo Borthers will be out May 6th 2016 going head to head with WB's Batman Vs. Superman!

Maggie Grace will return for Taken 3!

Famke Janseen will also return for Taken 3!

Paramount has released 2 new Transformers 4 Posters! 

Director Gareth Evans says he will do the Raid 3, but if will be a while!

Jean Claude Van Dame is begging Sly Stallone to be in The Expendables 4!

Helena Bonham Carter will return for Alice and Wonderland 2!

The lead for Star Wars Episode 8 has been narrowed down to four actors:

Ed Speleers of Downton Abbey

John Boyega of Attack the BlockJesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad

Matthew James Thomas, theater actor who appeared in Billy Elliot and About A Boy

Ray Fisher, theater actor

Rooney Mara will play Tiger Lilly in the upcoming live action Peter Pan film!

Puss in Boots is getting his own Netflix Show!

J.K Simmons has joined The Terminator reboot as an alcoholic detective!

Louie Season 4 will hit FX May 5th at 10 p.m

Epic Trailer Narrator Hal Douglas has died of Cancer at 89.
May he R.I.P!

Checkout the 2nd trailer for the Horror Film The Quiet Ones out April 25th

Former Heroes Star Adrian Pasdar will appear on Marvel's Agents of Shield as
Hulk Baddie: Glenn Talbot.  The episode is titled: Turn Turn Turn and airs April 8th!

That's it for this week's Epic News, TGIF fellow Epic Reviewers! 


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