Epic News: Friday March 28th 2014 TGIF Edition

Want to see the Batman 75th Anniversary Batman Logo? Want the latest on the 6th season of Community and a possible feature film? Want know what surprise Summer 2014 disaster film is being called Twister for a new generation?  Want to see the new trailer for the Purge 2? Find all that in more in the Friday March 28th 2014 TGIF Edition of Epic News after the break…..

Epic Comic Book News:

Checkout DC's 75th Anniversary Batman Logo

Checkout the Original Sin teaser for Marvel's All-new Invaders!

Marvel is launching a solo Spider-Man 2099 in July,
the book will be Written by: Peter David with Art by: Will Sliney.

Epic Collecting News:

If you see Noah in a Regal IMAX theater you can own this
limited edition Rob Liefeld Noah Poster!

If you see Noah in a AMC theater you can own this
limited edition Carmen Avriz Noah Poster!

OH YEAH!: Checkout the new Macho Man Randy Savage Icon Series from Mcfarlane Toys,
BBTS should have this for pre-order soon!

Epic Film and TV News:

Rumor is Community will be renewed for a 6th Season,
and Dan Harmon is seriously considering a feature film on Hulu to wrap the show up after it's 6th Season!

Checkout the first poster and trailer for Phantasm V, no release date has been announced!

WB has released the first trailer and poster for what could be Twister for a new generation,
the Summer Disaster Flick into the Storm hits theaters August 8th!

Paramount has released the first Official Image of Megan Fox as
April O'Neill in Michael Bay's TMNT reboot out August 8th! 

Checkout the new trailer for the Purge 2 out June 20th!

Expect a new Amityville Horror reboot January 2nd 2015!

Happy TGIF Fellow Epic Reviewers! 


  1. I was so excited to see the Phantasm five trailer and poster last night. Phantasm is the film series that truly won't die.I just wish Phantasm four had been made in the early 2000s, then we would have a Phantasm film released every decade since the 1970s!
    I watched Phantasm IV: Oblivion last night!


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