Epic News: Tuesday March 4th

Want to find out when we can expect news about the new Batman Arkham Video Game and what it's title will be? Want to see the first poster from Transformers 4? Want to see who Marvel has Dead Pool hunting next?  Could the Goonies possibly be returning for one night only?  Find all that and more in the Tuesday March 4th 2014 edition of Epic News after the break....

We dont' usually cover video game news but we had to cover this: Rumor is today that 
DC will announce a new game in the Arkham series entitled: Arkham Knights for Xbox1 and PS4 !

Epic Comic Book News:

Marvel will release a Dead Pool Vs. Carnage comic starting April 2nd,
the book will be written by: Cullen Bunn, With Art by: Salvador Espin

Epic Film and TV News:

Checkout the first poster for Transformers 4

Fresh off a best actor win at Sunday's Academy Awards,
 Matthew Mcconaughey says he will not return for second season of HBO's True Detective!

Zack Snyder say the Batman Vs. Superman film will be as tied to comic book mythology,
the film opens May 6th 2016!

Tonight on ABC the hit 80's family sitcom: The Goldbergs will have a Goonies Episode,
ABC has even went as far to distribute the above trading cards to promote the episode!

Thomas Krestschmann has signed a deal with Marvel Studios to play villain:
Baron Von Strucker in multiple Marvel Films!

Marvel Studios has a very special episode of Agents of Shield Planned for ABC tonight.
the episode will feature both: Sif (Jamie Alexander) and the legendary Bill Paxton

Checkout the new poster for Cap 2!

That's it for today, Epic News will cya on Hump Day!


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