Masters of the Universe Day 2014: Hidden Names Story!


 Happy Masters of the Universe Day 2014 everyone! While we've got some great Masters of the Universe Classics reviews lined up for you today, I also wanted to do something special and kind of silly. It's a Masters of the Universe hidden names story! In the short, poorly written story below I have hidden the names of around 50 Masters of the Universe characters. Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, New Adventures, 200x, mini-comics, they're all covered! They're mostly hidden within or between words, however. You might, for instance, see a sentence such as "The lion's mane faces the south." Look at that sentence again: "mane faces" actually is Man-E-Faces hidden right in plain sight. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are the rules!
1. Characters, creatures, and vehicles are all included!
2. Even if a character appears more than once, they only are counted one time.
3. While the names are all spelled right, hyphens and such have been left out.
4. Have fun! Comment below and us know how many you found! The fun begins after the break....

     As I walked into the Best Buy, the Sea Hawks were playing on the large televisions. I could have more easily shopped online at any web store, but I wanted to be around people today. I’d had a bizarre dream the night before about the late poet Sagit Akish selling wrecking balls door to door. Just as Sagit arrived at my door, however, I woke up. It left me with a weird feeling, so I just decidedd to get out of the house. As I walked over to browse through a bin of bargain Blu-Rays, someone shouted, “That’s the man!” I looked up and saw some punk running for the door with some lady’s purse. As she raved and screamed, I sprang into action and stopped the thief. “You just took that nice lady’s purse and ran? Do relinquish it before I have to take it from you. Almost as soon as he handed it over, the punk’s friends came up. They were all completely high. “Well, well,” said one snot nosed goon wearing a Slayer T-shirt. “Looks like we got a hero here.” 
     “Seems so,” I said. “There’s only one way to finish this fight. With a rap battle.” "Slayer" had an awkward look on his face. “I...I can’t rap.” Jaws dropped on every member of the crowd that surrounded us. As “Slayer” was still talking to me, a dude with a blank, owl like countenance took a swing at me. I dodged it, and counterattacked. As Owl boy went flying into a cardboard cutout of Prince, a damaged record landed on the ground.  “Slayer” grabbed it and came at me. I picked up a nearby Blu-Ray boxed set of the first season of Different Strokes and quickly applied it (with force) directly to his forehead. He went down but I lifted up the merchandise again, prepared to deliver him another blow. “OK, OK, you gave me a scare, G! Lower those discs and we’ll be cool.  Having defeated these three little punks, I took the opportunity to speak to them about the dangers of drug use.  “If you’re stoned, are you really able to live your lives to the fullest?” I said to them.
     As one guy passed he said “Dude, you’re a beast!” 
    “Ma never told me to put up with any garbage,” I replied. Someone else walked up behind me, saying “Thanks for getting my purse back.” I took a closer look and realized that the girl looked quite a bit like actress Kate Mara! “Listen,” the girl said. “I’m Drissi and I’m actually heading to the Garhwal region of India to attend the Ramman festival this weekend. Would you like to go with me?” I enthusiastically stated that I would. I knew, though, that I’d have to catch up on some work before I could jet halfway around the world.
     As a professional landscaper, I went to the home of one of my most prominent clients to let them know that I would need to mow their lawn a bit earlier than usual so I could go on a trip with a random stranger. He had a beautiful lawn. It’s lush. He adores well maintained grass, after all. As I knocked on my client’s door, I could hear an old Cincinnati Reds game playing in the background. The announcer spoke: “Pete Rose is up at bat! Rose swings and it’s a hit” My client answered and I explained the situation to him. “What if it gets shaggy before you’re back? What if the pond starts to stink or something? What’s going to happen?”
     “About the smell, there are no leaves to rot in the pond this time of year. The only things to rot are the garbage disposal scraps you keep dropping in the pond. Don’t do that! About the grass getting shaggy, I don’t know. Buy a goat, man. I’ll be back in a few days to mow again. It’ll be OK.”
     I walked out in the yard with my client. He slapped at his arm as a mosquito ravaged him, feeding off of his blood. “Well, I gotta get out of here and get to the golf course,” my client said. “Last time I hit the tee late and only got to play for an hour.” He hopped into his BMW and started to drive away. “Sweet Beemer, man!” I called out as he drove off. As I finally finished my work, I raised my fist! “Onward to India and the festival!”
     When I showed up at the airport to meet my new friend, Drissi was wearing a shaggy Gore-Tex jacket that looked a bit heavier than what I had on. “Are you ready for this?” she asked me. 
   “You told me to pack light. Hope you were right,” I replied, thinking about my light jacket. “Ice really bums me out.”
     We talked the whole flight over. “Have you always worked as a landscaper?” she asked. “Well, not if you count Marzocchi Pumps, but I only worked there for a few weeks,” I answered. We learned all about each other on the trip over. “What’s your least favorite food?” I asked.
     “Capers,” Drissi answered. "They're disgusting!" 

     “Capers make you cringe? Really?” I said. The trip honestly seemed as fast as a laser bolt, as before we knew it we were in India.
     Once we reached the festival, I was shocked by the amount of festivities. There were so many unique activities going on that I almost couldn’t take it all in. “Look, there’s a limbo contest!” I shouted. “Why limbo when you can dance,” my companion replied. She grabbed my hand and took me over to the dance floor. We danced the night away, doing the robot on the dance floor to the astonishment of the crowd. We danced underneath a massive spinning disco light. As I looked into Drissi’s eyes and watched the light spin, nerdy me felt like eras both simultaneously seemed to pass and yet time also seemed to stand still. Soon after our last dance, as we stepped off the floor and faded back into a shadow, we averted our gazes from everything except each other.  
     The next day as we cruised through the stratosphere on our way back home, I pulled out the airplane’s in-flight food menu to decide what I wanted to eat. “I could really go for a nice steak or Kobe beef. What do you want, Drissi?”
“I want to be a star,” Drissi replied. I could see a glimmer of hope in her eyes. As she talked about her dreams of being a professional tap dancer and techno singer. While outside the window there was a buildup of frost, all I could focus on was Drissi and her dreams. “I’ll help you,” I said. “I’ll do anything to help you accomplish your dream! I know people who know people. I have a friend with a theater and we’ll put up an ad or a flyer of some kind to get the word out!”
     Using my numerous contacts, I managed to organize for Drissi to perform a show at a local dance competition in the theater.  She worked on her routine while I focused on the set. I didn’t know how to weld or anything, but I did know everything there is to know about landscaping. Using every tool, decoration, and plant at my disposal, I crafted a magical garden for Drissi to perform in. Pieces of log grindings flew all around as I crafted a homemade gazebo from some tree limbs. The flowers were gorgeous and the moss managed to really add a mysterious charm. Prior to the show, I even released some butterflies to flutter in a playful way through the theater. I faded back into the shadow. “Be a star,” I whispered. “Be a star.” As Drissi went out to perform, she cast a spell again on my heart.
     After the show, Drissi ran out and hugged me. “How was I? How was the show? How did I do?"
“You won,” I replied. As she hugged me, I whispered to her “It was unanimous! A swift win!” Does it get any better?  

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