Check it out: Hot Toys Teases Maleficent

       Disney's Maleficent doesn't hit theaters until this Friday May 30th, but Hot Toy's is already teasing her 1/6 scale figure.  While we knew Hot Toys has had this license for a while this one isn't getting high end collectors too excited.  The Lone Ranger Tonto Hot Toys figure was nice, but didn't sell that well and unless Maleficent is a truly Epic Film don't look for this one to fly off the Side Show shelves here in the States.  This  announcement is likely to upset Hot Toys Collectors more than anything as the company chooses to release Disney figures over the promised and more anticipated license's such as: X-men First Class, Batman Returns, Batman Arkham City, and Back to the Future.  Stay tuned for The Epic Review for the full reveal and pre-order information when it's available.


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