Epic News: Mondo-Con

    My love for Mondo poster's is no secret, while many find their business model pretentiousness I adore the commitment to quality over quantity.  The company is famous for making big splashes at conventions offering up several exclusives at events such as San-Diego Comi-Con, and having their artist on hand to sign those exclusives.  Well now Mondo is to the point where they can host their on convention later this year, and as you expected they plan to put their own Mondo spin on the modern convention.  Find out their plans right from Mondo ceo Justin Ishmael after the break....
The Following is from Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael regarding the inaugural Mondo-Con:

"We announced MondoCon on January 1st, 2014. Since then, we've been silent. It's been very hard to keep quiet, as we want to share with you everything we've been working on, but all that will come in due time. Until then, we wanted to give you a short explanation of what you can expect from the Con and why we even wanted to attempt hosting our own convention in the first place.

I love conventions. I think that they are very special. Some of my fondest memories are of my uncle taking me to conventions in Kansas City in the early '90s. They are a place to indulge in the things you love and discover new stuff you didn’t know existed. That love has stayed with me and luckily, with Mondo, going to conventions is a job requirement. We go to them both as exhibitors and as fans. There are a lot of aspects about them that we like and, unfortunately, a few things that we don't. This is our attempt to bring you our ideal convention setting. We made a list of negatives about conventions and are trying to make them positives. We took the positives and are trying to improve upon those. MondoCon is an attempt to make our dream convention a reality.
For instance, the food at conventions blows. It just does. Expensive, greasy, shitty personal pan pizzas won't be at MondoCon. Instead, we're handpicking Austin restaurants to come set up in the parking lot so when you get hungry, you can eat great BBQ or tacos right there on the spot. That's just one of the areas that we're trying to improve on, but we're doing our best to plan everything from YOUR perspective. The fans.
So, what is this thing, right? That's what you're curious about? MondoCon is changing every day. I'd like to say that it's getting better and better everyday, knowing you will be the judge come September. What I can tell you first off is that it will be more than a poster show. We'll have unique guests in attendance from all areas.... composers, directors, illustrators, painters, toy guys, legends, new talent, etc. This is our time to head hunt all over the world and bring the best to Austin. We’ll have panels, screenings, special guests and a whole lot of great people together in one building for the first time ever. It’s an entire weekend curated by us.
MondoCon is for you. It's for me. It's for the artists. This thing is a work in progress and all we can do now is dream about what it could or should be. We hope you all will enjoy the spirit of what we are trying to do in this first year so we have the opportunity to grow and make it better annually (hopefully).
We aim to give you a fully functioning website, first round of guests, ticket info, and more real details in the next few weeks, but wanted to give you this message now to give an idea of what to expect and what we want this to be.
Looking forward to seeing you this September!
- Justin"

    Unfortunately being in the North Carolina area I probably won't be able to attend Mondo-Con this September.  However if you are in Texas or the surrounding area I encourage you to check it out.  Regardless of how you feel about the Mondo's business model you have to respect what they have done for the movie poster industry, as well as their originality which I would love to see up close and in person at their own convention.

That's all we know about Mondo-Con 2014 at this point stay tuned to the Mondo Website for more updates on this sure to be epic convention!


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