Epic News: Gareth Edwards to Direct First Star Wars Spin-off Film and complete his Godzilla Trilogy

     Well I guess now Director Gareth Edwards can dive into his new Monster Sized money pit because not only has been officially announced by Legendary Pictures to Direct Godzilla 2 and 3 but the first Star Wars spin off film as well.  Godzilla 2 and 3 are a while down the road, but the first Star Wars spin off film will be out a year after Episode 7 December 16th 2016.  We have no idea which spin-off this will be yet, but what ever it is expect to see the main character for about ten minutes.  Joking, honestly I believe Edwards is a great Director to bring into the Star Wars universe as he borrowed several shooting tendencies from both Lucas and Spielberg for his first two films.  I just hope Edwards isn't afraid to do his own thing a little more here, and this doesn't end up being a Lucas homage in the way Godzilla was a bit of a Spielberg one.  As good of news as this is for Star Wars fans all of us waiting for a Godzilla sequel will have to wait to at least 2017 or after to see the King of Monsters return.


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